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    Another National Pizza Day deal

    National Pizza Week was a few weeks ago. Tomorrow is National Pizza Day in the US 🍕 A list of all the pizza deals:
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    Does anyone still use Windows 7?

    If you do, be aware that Microsoft has ended all support for this OS: Some articles on what to do if your computer is still running Windows 7...
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    National Pizza week

    January 12 to 19 is National Pizza Week in the US 🍕 Check out these pizza deals: Everywhere You Can Get Cheap Pizza for National Pizza Week I'm already getting a free pizza next week with the prepared meal delivery service I keep hearing about at work and decided to try :)
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    New Girl Scout cookie

    New Lemon Ups: They look interesting and worth a try :) So who's buying Girl Scout cookies this year? Do you buy from a group selling outside the supermarket or other business or do your co-workers bug you to buy cookies to help...
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    CBD products for pets may not contain any CBD

    Article here: The current lack of guidelines and quality control for CBD products may mean harmful toxins in the product too.
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    What Should You Be Doing Instead Of Being On Tcs - 2020

    Working. Taking a quick break now before heading back.
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    Freebies and deals Includes free coffee or tea or hot chocolate at Cumberland Farms (no purchase required) and a $2 Wendy's Frosty Key Tag (until Jan. 31) to get a free Frosty ice cream for all of 2020. Also today is the last...
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    New (temporary) pet food pantry in Vermont

    A temporary pet food pantry has been set up in one Vermont town: The pantry is expected to be open for the next few weeks or whenever donated pet food runs out. There should be more pet food pantries...
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    Free tall espresso at Starbucks until the end of 2019

    Details here: How to get a free tall drink at Starbucks through the end of the year No purchase necessary. Not all locations are particpating. Participating locations vary daily. See the specific link in the article above for a list of daily participating locations.
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    Holiday food deals

    Some of the deals were for Christmas Day only but some run until New Year's Day. These are probably US only deals.
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    Urgent veterinary care clinics for pets

    Is this a new thing now? A PetMedic veterinary chain is opening up an Urgent Care Clinic in my neighborhood Urgent Care – PetMedic The space in the existing building is small and odd shaped so it definitely won't have more than an exam room or two, the waiting area, and the "back room" for...
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    $1 dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme today only

    Buy one dozen donuts, get a dozen Original Glazed donuts for $1. You Can Get a Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts for $1 Today
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    BOGO happy hour drinks on Thursdays at Starbucks

    See here for all the details: Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Drinks on Thursday & Almost Everything Is Fair Game You need to use the Starbucks phone app to get the deal.
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    Celebrate National Cookie Day (US) with a free cookie

    Free cookies available at the places listed here: You may need to purchase something in person or online order or through a phone app to get a free cookie.
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    Cyber Monday and upcoming food deals

    There's a list of food deals at various restaurants in the US starting today: Everywhere You Can Get Free & Super-Cheap Food on Cyber Monday Wendy's is giving away free Frostys next year. Details here: Wendy’s Brought Back Their Frosty Key Tags So You Can Now Get Free Frostys
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    Resolved Error message

    I just got this error message after logging off: Then when I logged back in, I got this:
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    Adding calories to raw

    What's a good way to add extra calories to a commercial raw food? I weighed Leroy this morning and noticed he lost a bit of weight and his ribs and spine are easily felt. I had to weight him twice because the first weight of 9.6 lbs seemed too low. The second weight was 10 lbs. Leroy eats NV...
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    Hand cream / lotion suggestions

    What's a good non-greasy preferably non-scented hand cream / lotion for extremely dry cracked skin? My hands are especially dry this season, probably because I'm washing them a lot at work (new job) where the water has a high pH of 9 😮 (it's the entire city water supply :dunno:). I'm currently...
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    Dogs needed for aging project

    The Dog Aging Project is looking for 10,000 dogs (any breed, age, or health status) living in the US to participate in an aging study looking to improve healthy lifespan. See the web site for all the details and how to nominate your dog for project: Feel free to...
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    Instant Pot

    I know there's a thread about Instant Pots (Anyone Own An Instant Pot?) but wanted to see if there are any updates / reviews / pros and cons / etc from current users. I know Instant Pot has come out with more models since that thread and there are plenty of knock-off brands that cost less. Is...