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    Won't take medicine

    My 15 year old has been spraying outside his litter box.. He goes in, but then sprays out of it. He's been examined by the vet twice. No urinary tract issues, no kidney issues, no thyroid issues. So the vet thinks is must be behavioral, though he's super spoiled and nothing has changed in...
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    Spraying outside litter box

    My 15 year old Thomas has always been the most well-behaved cat you can imagine. Just a couple of months ago, he started urinating outside his box. I think he might have a little arthritis, so I got him a large, low edged box so he wouldn't have to step up or turn around much. Not much...
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    Urinating just outside litter box

    My cat is 14 years old. He has always been extremely well behaved. Just recently, he has started urinating outside the litter box - not always, but definitely once a day. I got him an easy access litterbox, which seemed to help for a while. He is very picky about litter - my husband bought a...