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    Harness and Leash ?

    Ok so I went online to order 2 harness and leash sets and now I’m overwhelmed. My 2 boys are almost 6 months old now and I want to be able to take them outside for supervised play. Whisper is 8.4 lbs and X-Ray is 6.1 lbs. It would be nice if my choice would allow them to keep using them as they...
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    Stella And Chewys?

    Saw an ad for Stella and Chewys freeze dryed or frozen cat food. Has anyone used these? If so do you incorporate it along with wet and/or kibble? Or is it a stand alone food?
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    Hello From Whisper And X-ray

    Hello from Florida I have been hanging out for about 3 months now. This is an amazing site full of such caring and knowledgeable members I read it daily. A little background i grew up always having one or two cats in our home. Once I was in my own place I added two Siamese cats and had many...