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  1. di and bob

    Cat mated 22 days ago and has a browny pinky discharge/ongoing pregnancy

    If she is licking herself, she may be going into labor. Could you be wrong on the mating date? If she is only having a few kittens she may not get very big, She does not look very pregnant to me. With all that hair though it is hard to see, she is gorgeous by the way, a beautiful British...
  2. di and bob

    Had to Say Goodbye to Mozart

    He spent a lifetime bringing you joy and companionship, it takes a long time to heal a broken heart when they leave us. It matters not if it is a cat or a human, our heart knows no difference. The love you shared is spiritual, so eternal, it will be with you for the rest of your life. it is...
  3. di and bob

    My tragic month

    My heart breaks for what you are going through. Please don't blame yourself, you were doing all you could with what you had. My heart goes out to those three missing babies, I pray they are just hiding somewhere, but if not, may God bless them. They have peace because they have your thoughts and...
  4. di and bob

    Cat mated 22 days ago and has a browny pinky discharge/ongoing pregnancy

    Do you have a picture of her we could see? Cats usually give birth around 63 days, have you felt any movement at all in her abdomen or sides? Do you know exactly when she was bred? if you do then her crying could be related to hormonal changes, usually, a cat will act as though they are in heat...
  5. di and bob

    My kitten Spot

    As big as she is, and with that gorgeous tail and bigger bone structure, she could have some Maine Coon in her ancestral background. She is gorgeous!
  6. di and bob

    Aggression after roommate moved in with intact male cat

    I had that exact thing happen! My cat was always calm and fine in the car, I never crated him. Then one day I was coming up to a stop sign on the highway and semis were coming, I went to step on the brake, something spooked him, and he ran and hid behind the brake pedal! I almost panicked, but...
  7. di and bob

    Featured Drop trap

    I have the opposite problem. I have one cat left to trap and all the fixed ones go in, not allowing him in! I am going to try the old bottle with a string trap, the bottle propping the door open and hopefully, the one I want will go in one. Then I'll pull the bottle out with the string. I had...
  8. di and bob

    Grief exceptionally difficult to face

    The love you shared with that boy is unique, one of a kind. It is only known and felt by you and him, no one else in the whole world will understand it or know it. Now that he is gone there is a huge void in your world, a huge hole in your soul, and it takes a long time to learn new ways to fill...
  9. di and bob

    Suggested Lymphoma 11 yr old male

    It takes a long time to heal a broken heart, Roo will forever be a part of your soul. All those should haves, could haves are a part of grieving, concentrate on those eleven years he shared with you instead. He will always be near, love is spiritual, so eternal. My Heart breaks for your pain, I...
  10. di and bob

    Question of the Day - October 25, 2021

    Almost anything that crawled, walked, flew, or slithered. I had snakes, tarantulas, cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, turtles, pigeons, parakeets, canaries, raccoons, skunks, chameleons, horned toads, fish, a foal, pigs, chickens, baby birds that fell from their nests, ducks rabbits, and probably the...
  11. di and bob

    Cat grieving after death of her brother?

    The only thing you can do is to comfort her in any way you can. Lots of attention, good food, and treats. You all need the comfort of each other, just being together helps. She will eventually accept that her brother is gone, though it might take a while, several weeks, and you might find...
  12. di and bob

    New kitten intro - seeing under the door

    They wouldn't recognize each other, animals don't have the ability to sort out relationships. Mothers don't recognize their kittens after months of separation either. Even cats brought separately to the vet will fight because they smell different. hissing, swatting, growling are all perfectly...
  13. di and bob

    Weird Scabs/Fur Loss On One Ear?

    Fur loss is almost always connected to an injury of some sort, whether abscess, scratch, spider bite, or even ringworm. As long as it doesn't seem painful, there are no signs of active infection or some kind of trauma, it should heal on its own. You could apply a little human antibiotic salve...
  14. di and bob

    Emmitt and Julius

    They are at peace now, they are together and have your love deep in their souls. For you, your world has stood still for a while with the grief that accompanies loss, it will take a long time to forge a new life's path for yourself without them in it. But life goes on, the sun WILL come up...
  15. di and bob

    Stray cat have swollen lower lip

    If he is so stressed with going to the vet I would call the vet and explain he is an outside cat and very aggressive. I have a vet that will then look at a photo and give me something to treat them with, usually over the counter. If he is getting better I myself would just monitor him instead of...
  16. di and bob

    A Was An Apple Pie

    L laughed at it's antics
  17. di and bob

    My 2 kittens are fighting. Please help!

    Yes, kittens can sound like they are actually killing each other, with squeals, hisses, and lots of screaming. Once they are both neutered things will settle down a lot. Mounting behavior is a sign of dominance, as is pinning to the ground by the neck. As stated above let the behaviors guide...
  18. di and bob

    Suddenly obsessed with closet

    That usually indicates she hears or sees SOMETHING in there, it may be inside the walls, and you don't hear it. It could be anything, bugs, birds, bat, or the most common, mice. You might consider a trap or Decon inside a box with a small hole (so neighborhood cats don't get hurt), or observing...
  19. di and bob

    Stray cat have swollen lower lip

    They look much better. I would get some cat wound spray at a local farm supply store, soak a small piece of rag with it (cats hate the spraying sound), and apply it that way if he'll let you. cats are very tough he should heal fine, just monitor him for abscesses that develop from fights. They...
  20. di and bob

    Ringworm - encouragement needed please

    I was a school nurse for many years and dealt with MANY children with ringworm. I never got it, it seemed the only children that did were in very close contact with the symptomatic children. like actually touching them during play, etc. Once the cream was started and all exposed lesions were...