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    Continuous Vomiting

    Hello, I need to know if someone ever faced the same issue. My cat is turning 10 this August. She was never playful at all, very picky eater and only eats dry food (Royal Canin) She always used to vomit around once a month, numerous vets said she's fine across the years. Around 2 years ago...
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    Cat Front legs wound

    Hello, Recently, I had to hospitalize this 6 months cat as he had Calicivirus. I was able to take him home yesterday after around 11 days of hospitlization. I found a wound today on his front leg and has small amount of fluid coming out of it. I wanted to check if someone is familiar if this...
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    Odd death position ( Warning picture of a dead cat inside)

    Hello, A cat gave birth to 4 kittens outside our home and then she disappeared. I took care of the kittens and kept them in the backyard. As they've reached 4 months old, they started going outside and coming back. Yesterday at noon, one of the kittens started vomiting yellow liquid but he...