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    Sterilization of cats

    I have heard a little and yes it is very sketchy. Why inject your cat with potentially dangerous drugs when you can just get the standard procedure done and be guaranteed success?
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    Dental disaster for my kitty

    I second all of the above advice. Especially the feeding tube, it may be that some proper nutrition will pick her right up. She can't have energy without fuel. It may also be that the medication is making her nauseous, and not just the pain in her mouth, that is making her reluctant to eat. I...
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    Pain after subq fluids

    Also make sure to draw back on the needle before injecting, there should never be any blood and only a little air if any. If there is blood, retract the needle and try again. And yes, rotate where you inject.
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    Kittie with chronic diarrhea

    I would give this article a read before making any definitive decisions: Feline Lymphoma First off, what type of lymphoma does she have and did you get a definitve diagnosis? Is it the actual cause of the diarrhea or is there something else underlying? There are several different treatments...
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    Avoiding Urinary Tract Problems - Advice

    I work at a vet clinic, and I have seen my fair share of horror stories. Today, a male cat came in with bladder stones the size of unground pepper corns and in immense pain. Seeing as urinary issues in cats (stones, CKD etc) are such common issues nowadays, it kind of got me thinking that it...
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    Commercial Raw. Question

    Watch the litterbox, if your kitten shows any signs of constipation, or produces particularly hard or white stools, then that indicates there is too much bone in their diet. As mentioned above, premades that use eggshells rather than bones for a source of calcium can also be used. Also watch...
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    Cat constipated, showing no other symptoms

    Looks like he has a bit of an upset tummy from the new food. As long as he continues to have regular bowel movements without any blood and the loose stool clears up after a few days I wouldn't be too concerned.
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    Constipated Kitty Saga. Please talk to me I’m a wreck.

    If you're giving it once a week, then one egg (personally I only give half, but I have two cats so I halve it) is fine. You can use just the egg yolk, or the entire egg, but never feed just the white. If you're giving daily, no more than 1/4 teaspoon daily. I mix mine with a strong flavoured...
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    Constipated Kitty Saga. Please talk to me I’m a wreck.

    Personally I use egg yolk for constipation amd it hasn't failed me yet.
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    How to entertain a kitten when I can't walk her?

    Wads of balled up paper and cotton tips are hits in my house. An empty carboard box. Tie one of the mice to a piece of string, or a cotton tip, and hang it somewhere she can bat it. Even reusable shopping bags have their purpose at my house. Even a string with buttons threaded on and strung up...
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    Post Grooming Photos

    Just looks like skin pigmentation to me as well, bruising in dogs and cats is generally a reddish colour (more like a graze really), not a deep blue.
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    Have you tried a calming diffuser? Or maybe a product called Zylkene, which is a natural medication for stress relief. Sometimes wrapping them in a towel, or covering their head, can make them feel calmer while you inject, and plenty of treats afterwards. You are doing your best for her, don't...
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    Egg yolk vs egg lecithin

    I agree with above, choose one or the other. And I wouldn't give more than 1/4 teaspoon a day, as both lecithin and egg yolk contain high levels of phosphorous and excessive amounts may lead to kidney disease.
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    Help Please! 5 days old kitten has a swollen paw

    Hi, that paw looks bad. Is there an afterhours number for the clinic you can call? Or a 24/hr vet? The kitten needs to be seen immediately, and I would take the others in to be looked over as well. The skin over the kitten's body looks quite irritated as well and needs to be seen by a vet. If...
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    Taking cats for a walk

    I have harness trained my cats and they love it! They both come running the moment I open the drawer where I keep them and purr up a storm while I put them on. I started out by putting the harnesses on inside and getting them accustomed to it, and kept the walks short until they became more...
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    Back leg weak after being neutered

    It definitely sounds like some sort of reaction... I would be seeing another vet. He likely needs an antihistamine at least, perhaps an autoinflammatory, not just pain meds. Definitely not a common reaction. I would also ask the vet that did the procedure for the name of the drug they used...
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    How to dry up mama cat’s milk?

    Give it time. It may take a few weeks for her milk to dry up fully. Ideally, kittens should be left with their mother for 12 weeks, but 9 weeks is better than 6 weeks, if that makes sense. But the age the kittens left shouldn't have an affect on how quickly her milk dries up. Keep trying to...
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    DROOL! - sign of renal failure or something else?

    You could try mixing a little of the kitten food with some other brands, or putting some on top... fed is always best but if you can get her off the high phosphorous that is obviously better :) Glad to hear she ate something though!
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    Show me photos of your cat/ rescue pregnant and how many they had!

    Has she stopped open mouth purring now? She may have just been panting from the exertion, or cats often open their mouths slightly to allow scents to better reach the scent glands in the roof of their mouths. She may have been inhaling the smell of her kittens. If she is still holding her mouth...
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    Changing diet for a junk food cat

    I have seen people transfer their 100% kibble fed cats onto completely raw diets, it just takes time, persistence and some trouble shooting. Some it took weeks, other 18 months. Keep trying different brands. Fancy Feast isn't a horrible brand really, and lots of cats find it irresistible, so...