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  1. calico man

    Resolved Photo gallery

    What happened to the "gallery" where you could post pics of our cats?
  2. calico man

    "Are you taking ANOTHER picture of me?"

    Lulu likes to relax with her front legs straight out...
  3. calico man

    Get Antibiotics For Cat Bites!

    Usually we have pictures of our wonderful cats, but how about a pic of what they can do to us? OUCH! First thing: it wasn't Lulu! I'll try to explain what happened and answer questions in advance. Here's the cat bite info: --It was a young female that lived at the house where we started...
  4. calico man

    Here's Lulu

    About five months ago I saw "Lulu" wandering around next door and her id tag said she lived two streets away.  I brought her inside my place and since I didn't have a cat at the time and no cat food, she got some tuna.  I took her to her owners, and a few days later she was at my doorstep.  This...