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  1. GustifursMom

    Can I adopt two more cats at the same time?

    Thank you very much for the feedback! Lucy is driving me nuts these past few weeks. Without a buddy her eating has become sporadic (eating was a social activity for her with our other cat) and all she ever does is take me over to her toys and quietly wait for me to play. The vet says she's...
  2. GustifursMom

    Smores - 36 days gone - I'm not doing well...

    Very sorry for your loss. When my cat died someone in this site said this to me and it helped: You did the right thing. You took away her suffering. Now it's up to you to carry that suffering for her, as a noble gesture of love for her. Grief doesn't have a time limit or a timeline. It's okay...
  3. GustifursMom

    Cat Introductions Month 14

    Can I just say your patience is amazing. Not every cat will get along. Your goal here might just be finding a way these two cats can live together but separately.
  4. GustifursMom

    Moving to another state with a cat

    I picked up my sister's two cats after their flight. They were so stressed after that for a very long time. So, I'll summarize by saying please drive!
  5. GustifursMom

    Resident Cat terrified of New Kitten - HELP

    It sounds to me like she's very vocal about her disapproval of his rambunctious behavior. Since she isn't hiding it doesn't seem like she's afraid, just annoyed. I would guess that as your kitten gets older and mellows out this will be a non-issue.
  6. GustifursMom

    Can I adopt two more cats at the same time?

    I have one cat Lucy, she's 8 months old. Three weeks ago our family lost our other cat to FIP. Lucy was very attached to him. I want to adopt another cat as she needs a friend. I've fallen in love with two cats, one is 2 years old and one is 8 months old. I could give each a separate safe room...
  7. GustifursMom

    Best Age for Lucy's new friend?

    Good article, I agree. My struggle has been that this is such a unique situation - younger kitten introduced to another older kitten, older kitten dies, and newer kitten now left alone. So, I'm finding the info online anywhere really to be inadequate, b/c thankfully not many folks have to go...
  8. GustifursMom

    New cat in resident cat’s face

    I think it actually sounds like it's going OK. Your older cat is just needing an adjustment time. And I think everything you're doing is great. Sometimes, I think the cats are OK and it's really just us humans stressing about doing our best for them, ya know? Just keep on doing what you are...
  9. GustifursMom

    Best Age for Lucy's new friend?

    Thank you so much to you both, this is extremely helpful advice!!
  10. GustifursMom

    Me And My Cat Just Moved To A New Home

    Feliway classic diffusers are amazing. If you don't have one set up, please think about it! It will help A LOT.
  11. GustifursMom

    Peeing in places he shouldn’t be..

    When my cat was peeing in random places - it turned out he wasn't well. Maybe try the vet?
  12. GustifursMom

    Won’t play/Crying

    Have you tried a laser toy? I would also maybe email the vet with the symptoms and ask for their advice? It does sound potentially neurological, but I'm not a doctor, just guessing based on my own experiences.
  13. GustifursMom

    Best Age for Lucy's new friend?

    P.S.S. (lol) is this whole mix genders thing real? Is it really that bad of an idea to get another female cat? Sorry for all the questions, Lucy (and Gus RIP) are my first experience with cats, so I've got a lot to learn!
  14. GustifursMom

    Best Age for Lucy's new friend?

    P.S. I don't think I have the time/energy for another kitten less than eight months old. So, one year would kind of be the lower age limit for me.
  15. GustifursMom

    Best Age for Lucy's new friend?

    Three weeks ago Lucy lost her best buddie Gus. I'm noticing that as the weeks go on, she's getting more and more obsessed with play time - and less food motivated. When Gus was around, she did everything with him. When he went to eat, she ate, when he went to drink, she drank. The vet says...
  16. GustifursMom

    Kitten battles

    If they do any of the following: Sleep near each other Groom each other Eat near each other Window watch together ... They're fine. They just like to play rough. They'll grow out of it (or not). Just brotherly love.
  17. GustifursMom

    Help! Cat keeps attacking me

    Your cat needs a stern but loving and consistent approach. When they behave inappropriately just say no and walk away. In your next interaction be loving as if nothing happened previously. Repeat until the behavior improves.
  18. GustifursMom

    I'm apparently his fifth home...

    Are you doing the towel wrap thing? I found it works well. Wrap him up in a little cat burrito, only head out (google has lots of demos and how to's on this). Then mix the powder into a little squirter thing (which I'm sure you have). Make sure to put the squirter right into the corner of their...
  19. GustifursMom

    Lucy needs a new friend, advice?

    Thanks for your response. It's heartening to know that it can be done safely in some instances.
  20. GustifursMom

    Lucy needs a new friend, advice?

    Our Lucy girl just lost her playmate Gus to FIP a week ago. Lucy is 7.5 months old, VERY playful, loving, curious and super smart. She did go for a wellness check after Gus passed away from FIP. The vet explained that although Lucy could get the precursor feline virus that causes most cats to...