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  1. clynn11

    Pregnant Foster Cat with Attitude!

    Not sure about the breed but just wanted to post and say good luck! I look forward to updates :)
  2. clynn11

    I'm back!

    Been MIA from the site for quite a while. Haven't been MIA from rescuing though! Found this gorgeous girl at a local drop off spot in town, completely friendly- obviously someone left her. And obviously pregnant. I can feel little pops from the babes and am looking forward to finding these...
  3. I'm back!

    I'm back!

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  5. clynn11

    How old is this kitten?

    $231 dollars seems EXTREMELY high for a spay!! I pay $85 at our local vet for the spay. The clinics around here charge $35 (they're usually for feral cats only though). I'd says she looks 8-9 weeks old. But bottle babies do sometimes start out a bit smaller.
  6. clynn11

    Help! My cat is in sorry shape, not deathly, but I could use a lot of advice, please?

    It sounds like she has pyometra (the green mucous sounds like it especially if she is not cleaning herself and smelling of urine they normally do that when they are sick.) You need to get her seen by a vet ASAP or she could die. Good luck to you I hope your kitty is okay.
  7. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    And Loki was so so so handsome!!!!!
  8. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    Yes her cats are not full grown at all. Marcell (the large F5) weighed in at 14lbs at 8 months old!!! Katana is a male- he's the most loving little guy i've ever met his favorite thing is to give head butts and he'll follow you around just to get some attention! I don't believe he is full grown...
  9. May Picture of the Month Contest: Kittens!

    May Picture of the Month Contest: Kittens!

  10. clynn11

    May Picture of the Month Contest: Kittens!

    Our newest addition, Draco. He's a little poser ;)
  11. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    Thanks guys. I adore him :)
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  13. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    Marcell (the one laying on the entertainment center and the one the little girl is holding) is an F5. And thank you Andrya, i'll do  that now!! I love love love your baby.. smoke colored right?? I've been obsessed ever since you first posted pictures. SO BEAUTIFUL.
  14. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    And i'd love love to see pictures of Loki!!!! :)
  15. clynn11

    F4 Savannah (mother) X Bengal (father)

    And more pics of my Draco 'cause I think he's a handsome little devil!! Lol. He has so much energy it's crazy. We've never had a kitten keep going and going for this long. He's like the energizer bunny!!!
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    little man 012.JPG

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    little man 010.JPG

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    little man 009.JPG

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    little man 008.JPG

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    little man 006.JPG