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  1. cheshirecat

    Can sombody please explain the difference

    Chester was recently hospitalized with a urinary blockage. The E-vet sent him home with Purina UR St/Ox both wet and dry. He likes the dry but not the wet. The regular vet prescribed Hill's Prescription Diet S/D wet. This he refused to eat. Hates it won't even sniff it. He went almost...
  2. cheshirecat

    He won't eat the prescription food

    The vet prescribed a "dissolving" diet that consists of wet food only. He is to have nothing but this canned food for 30 days. The only exception was his cat grass and a few of the UT dry kibbles as a treat. But this should be no more than 10% of his daily food intake. I got home from the...
  3. cheshirecat

    Chester is in the hospital

    He was fine yesterday. But today when I went to scoop the box I saw the he had pooped but there was no pee. Then tonight when I was just sitting down to supper I noticed him in the box. He seemed to be just sitting there for the longest time. As soon as he got out I went in to check and...
  4. cheshirecat

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Chester is a very timid cat. When the door bell rings or anyone comes thru the door he goes to his hiding spot in the walk in closet. Any time I need to find him that's where he is. That's his safe spot. I keep his carrier there. The idea being if I ever have to get out in a hurry it...
  5. cheshirecat

    Too much time on my hands

    I've been out of work this week and by now it's rather boring. I was looking for something to do and found this game. The music is annoying but cats are just like real ones. They never seem to want to do what you want them to do.
  6. cheshirecat

    This is just silly!

    I don't know why he does this. It's a closet with mirror doors on it. Every so often Chester decides to challenge the cat in the mirror to a boxing match. The video is dark because it was late and the lights were out in the other room.
  7. cheshirecat

    Need vibes for a friend

    I hate to ask but I know vibes and prayers from Cat Site members can and do work miracles. A friend of mine from work has been sick for awhile. Yesterday she was rushed to the hospital and is now on life support. I talked with her daughter a few minutes ago and she tells me it's 50/50 that...
  8. cheshirecat

    Trouble needs a new home

    I saw this in the paper today. I feel bad because nobody want's this guy. I thought about it but there is no way I could keep a pigeon in my apartment.
  9. cheshirecat

    Chester scared the life out of me today!

    Tonight when I opened the door to come in to my apartment he started to poke his nose out as usual them suddenly made a break for it! He ran right out into the hallway and started sniffing around. Here I am looking like an idiot calling his name telling him to "get in here right now!"...
  10. cheshirecat

    Friend needs to rehome 3 cats -short notice-

    I just got e-mail from a friend who is in Florid. Because of a bad situation with her boyfriend she is relocating back to Massachusetts. This is from e-mail: Unfortunately, I can't have my cats where I'm going which totally breaks my heart to say the least. Do you know anyone who might want a...
  11. cheshirecat

    Laser toy dilemma

    Chester got one of those laser toys for Christmas. He really likes playing with it but seems to be very frustrated because no matter how hard he tires he canâ€8482t catch that little red dot. After we play, usually I get tired before he does; he will spend the next fifteen minutes or so...
  12. cheshirecat

    Who'll be the next top cat?

    I was just reading an article in my local paper. A week or so ago it was announced that Nin the Official Cat at the Mount Washington Observatory was retiring. It's been news across the country. The search for a successor is down to three candidates and this week someone came up with the...
  13. cheshirecat

    I don't think I like the new PetSmart

    They just opened a store here and today I decided to check it out. My first complaint was the parking. They only have two handicapped parking spaces and both were occupied. When I drove into the lot there was a car parked in the spot right next to the handicapped spaces. This would have...
  14. cheshirecat

    What a good investment

    About six months ago Chester decided to start sleeping on the couch. I didnâ€8482t really mind but he always slept in the same spot and after a week or so there was a lot of fur left behind. Then I found this neat thing called the “sofa saver†pet bed. It was advertised as being both...
  15. cheshirecat

    My RB kitty

    His name was Spunky. He lived with us for over sixteen years. He's been over the bridge for almost sixteen years now and I still miss him. I was scanning pictures today and just wanted to share.
  16. cheshirecat

    They are everywhere!

    I am starting a new job next week. Itâ€8482s in the same building but in a part I never go to. Today I went over to check it out and sit with the girl who will be moving to my job. I was standing there talking to her when all of a sudden I noticed that the guy that sits next to her had a...
  17. cheshirecat


    Iâ€8482ve been reading the CatSite forums for awhile now and have to admit it has been very entertaining and informative. I never thought that I needed to register but I read something today that I just had to comment on.