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  1. nightowls

    Puffy attention tails

    Keiko when he wants and gets attention, his tail puffs out.
  2. nightowls

    Tips for less static-y cats?

    🤣 Getting/giving static shocks when handling the cats this week - any tips to make them less static prone?
  3. nightowls

    Any of these essential oils safe for use around cats?

    Would like to do some nosework with the dogs inside the house. Anyone know if any of these oils {Anise, Pine, Wintergreen, Birch, Clove, Cypress, Vetiver, Myrrh} are safe to use around the cats?
  4. nightowls

    Causes of blood in stool

    Just want general ideas on what to look into while waiting for a call back from vet. Two year old cat - first time noticing blood in poop. Other then the blood - this is her 'normal' color & consistency poop. Has a medicinal smell. Fecal test shows no issue. She was treated for ringworm as a...
  5. nightowls

    White cats only

    We've seen tabby, black, and orange only pic threads but no white only 🙀 Marshmallow disapproves So here we start one...
  6. nightowls

    Saddle Thrombus / Feline Aortic Thromboembolism / FATE

    Anyone have experience with Saddle Thrombus / Feline Aortic Thromboembolism / FATE? Have done a little Google reading already - looking to hear about first hand accounts.
  7. nightowls


    So in May I had blood work done on my 14 year old cat, Trouble. Her kidney levels were a bit high. We had her urine checked and it was fine. The vet said she most likely had the start of kidney disease and recommended giving her kidney formula food. Last month, we took her to another vet. She...
  8. nightowls

    Hello from the crazy house :P

    I have a bird, dog, and 7 cats (three of which are kittens) - hence a crazy house. ^.^ My eldest is Trouble (12?). Then Birdie (Quaker Parrot; we've had her for 10? years) then our dog - Venus (we've had her for 4 years; she's 7) with our Ham (he's 4) then there's Grace-less (she's 3)...
  9. nightowls

    4 month old kittens, will they be shorthaired?

    Hello ^.^ I adopted 3 kittens a couple of weeks ago and I am starting to wonder if I might not have all short-haired pets - which would make me ecstatic since I love long-haired animals and have yet to end up falling-for/adopting one. :P Two of the new kittens (black and white so Sylvester &...