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  1. Boris Diamond

    5 letter word game - change one letter

    5 letter word game. Change one letter to make a new word. Examples: Flame Ample Plume First word: China
  2. Boris Diamond

    Trouble with the SPOILER function

    When I tried to use the spoiler function, nothing showed up. I examined the entry before I posted and I noticed that there is some punctuation inconsistency. Two brackets - like this ][ - need to be inserted after the equals sign to make it work. Without those brackets you get nothing. Can...
  3. Boris Diamond

    Rehabilitation of a three legged cat

    At the rescue where I volunteer, there is a three legged cat. Poor little guy was severely abused and is healing from other injuries, too. He had his surgery 2 or 3 weeks ago. He is not being fostered at this time. He needs fostering badly, and even though it will be difficult to find room...
  4. Boris Diamond

    Kitten with mouth sores

    At the rescue where I volunteer, three kittens were surrendered today, maybe one month old. We were told that the mother and one kitten had died, they did not know why as they seemed healthy before they passed. The kittens have a bad, maybe rotten odor, and one has mouth sores. They have been...
  5. Boris Diamond

    Unusual eye - sign of illness?

    This sweet lady showed up at the rescue last week. She is about ten years old, has one extra toe and two different color eyes, a green eye and a brownish one. She has been to the vet who has given her a clean bill of health. But I have read that cats do not have brown eyes and this may be a...
  6. Boris Diamond

    I'm not receiving emails for anything

    For four days, I have tried what I can think of to get emails from TCS. I have been to the Preference page and turned about everything on and hit Save. I have done this about 5 times. All the email alerts are checked on the Account Details page. I have checked my email Spam folder and I have...
  7. Boris Diamond

    Feral cat bites

    Today at the rescue, I was bitten multiple times by a feral cat. I went immediately to the doctor. I am on Amoxicillin TR-K CLV 875-125 MG tabs twice a day. The cat has been quarantined and will remain so for ten days to see if the cat has rabies. It had received a rabies vaccine the day...
  8. Boris Diamond

    Four Word Phrase Game - Once Again

    Use the last word in the previous poster's phrase to start a new four word phrase. First entry: You know the routine!
  9. Boris Diamond

    Not Receiving Notices Of Praise Or Mention.

    Ever since the change of platforms, I have not been getting notification of praise or mention. I wasn't too concerned as I see them under Alerts when I load the front page. Also, I expected it was a problem with the new website that would be worked out sooner or later. But since I'm still not...
  10. Boris Diamond

    Resolved Several Issues

    I have lost messages I posted. It was almost 3300 and it is now less than 3000. I don't know if the praise is calculated the same, but I have lost praise. It was 520? and is now 480. I have checked my alert preferences and they are all checked correctly, but I am receiving no emails from...
  11. Boris Diamond

    Is this a Scottish Fold?

    At the rescue I where volunteer, there is a new cat with unusual ears.  We are wondering if she could be a Scottish Fold.  Her ears have a fold in them, but they don't look quite right to us.  But we don't know.  Here are her pictures.  Her name is "Sweetie."  And she is a sweetie.   ...
  12. Boris Diamond

    Second cat in a month with HCM. What is going on?

    In late April, I had to euthanize my cat Boris due to HCM.  I discussed this with four vets and they all insisted it was genetic, a time bomb waiting to go off.  Online sources say probably genetic, since it is more prevalent in some breeds.   A week ago, Diamond came down with the same...
  13. Boris Diamond

    Goodbye Boris

    I lost Boris, the cat I have had the longest, today.  Last night he had not eaten late supper (I'm a night time person,) but sometimes Boris did that.  I had a hard time finding him, and when I did he did not seem right.  Shortly thereafter he started breathing rapidly.  I took him to the...
  14. Boris Diamond

    Boris with heart problem

    My cat Boris is at the emergency vets.  He was breathing rapidly, lethargic and was not eating.  We got to the emergency vets at 4:30 AM.  The vet said that he is in bad shape and that his heart might fail.  I am devastated and confused.  He has never had a medical problem before, in fact. my...
  15. Boris Diamond

    Making a feral into a housecat

    Wednesday the 16th of December, I took an eight month old feral male to my vets to be neutered.  I wanted to get him neutered earlier, but my vet is a friend and does this for my ferals for free and I have to do it when it fits his schedule.  I told him I was going to bring this cat into my home...
  16. Boris Diamond

    Diamond the cat does his cute trick!

    One of my companion cats, Diamond, does a very cute trick!  On the second day he was here, he got up on his haunches, put his paws together and moved them up and down.  It looked like he was begging.  Was I surprised!  I don't know if someone taught him or if it is part of his natural behavior...
  17. Boris Diamond

    Advice on what to do about ferals

    About a month ago, I noticed a cat in my yard.  She is a small grey and white cat.  She would run if I got closer than fifty feet from her.  I am in an isolated area and this cat does not belong to the only other person on my road who has cats.  I assumed that she is feral.  I started feeding...
  18. Boris Diamond

    Boris and Diamond say hello!

    Hi!  My name is Jim.  I have two cats, Boris and Diamond.  Boris is a Siberian and very entertaining.  He gets his feelings hurt when you laugh at him, so I have to cover my mouth when he does something humorous.  He is very affectionate, but only when he says so.  The best move he has is at...