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  1. hissy

    No Issues-Just wanted to say Hi to any old-timers

    I’m sitting here at my desk thinking about all the hours I put in years and years ago to these forums. I had to figure out how old one of my cats Baker is and instead of going upstairs and piling through files, I came here and did a quick search and found out immediately. So I didn’t want to...
  2. hissy

    Cat With Ocd

    Hey Guys, My love and greetings to those of you who actually remember me and know who I am. I have been absent a long time but still rescuing abused/neglected cats. Our latest challenge at the sanctuary is a cat we called Trip long before we knew that he had issues. He and his brothers and...
  3. hissy

    With time running out-

    Recently found out that the vet clinic we work with at the sanctuary is being sold. The vet debt is quite high and we now remain $375.00 off the mark. It is required we raise this money in two weeks time. For those of you who do not know me, I left this forum years ago (a place I truly thought...
  4. hissy

    Just wanted to drop in and share

    The woman who has these cards recently adopted from us a kitten in need. I was introduced to her beautiful cards and am just spreading the word among animal lovers. It is hard to find good quality cat cards anymore and these would make great Christmas or Thank You cards! Woof-Gang
  5. hissy

    Our October "Pumpkin"

    At our cat sanctuary this year, kitten season went months longer than normal. Our kitten room currently houses 12 motherless kittens with 11 of these kittens in full healthful, playful mode. One orange girl, Pumpkin has been challenged from the very beginning with a mystifying secondary...
  6. hissy

    He never had a chance

    I met him for the first time two days ago. He was only 8 months old, this Russian Blue tomcat. He had been found by a cleaning company in a house vacated two weeks ago. They knew something was wrong and they called me. One look into the carrier where he had been placed and I beat feet to the...
  7. hissy

    "Kumbulu" aka Tania

    First off, I know that she isn't a cat. But back in the day (and the old-timers will attest to this) she was one of the integral parts of this forum machine who saved many a kitten with her sage advice. She was also my Internet partner for years and we came together to create an article for this...
  8. hissy

    Seniors in Need

    Ten cats dumped outside our sanctuary in need of help. Trapping is ongoing as is socialization. Several cats at death’s door. Started a fund to help out with all the costs anticipated. Two seniors sadly had their Bridge Pass stamped and are now out of pain. Please help a social media inept...
  9. hissy

    help the animals caught in Moore's tornados

    TODAY, Freekibble is donating 100% of the Halo kibble raised today to homeless dogs & cats impacted by the tornado in Oklahoma. Visit to answer the trivia question and that's all you need to do to add to the tally.  If you would spread the word via your blog or social...
  10. hissy


    The tears fall in such unexpected places; on line at the bank waiting to make a deposit. In the cat food aisle when I see his favorite cat treats and remember how he fought to get that plastic bag out of my hands so he could be “treated.” I remember the first day I ever encountered him. In true...
  11. hissy

    Hat in hand....

    This is a plea for contributions for my cat sanctuary CATS Inc., on behalf of two older cats Cyclone (old-timers might remember Cyclone) and Sebastian a new arrival. Cyclone was initially rescued in 2003 then he vanished and reappeared 9 years later! He just came "home" and is still here and not...
  12. hissy

    Vote Daily and help the Stray Cats Here!

    I have been entered into a shelter challenge and could use all the votes possible! If you would Visit and click to give food, then click the button up at the top for the Shelter+ Challenge to vote.  Look for CATS in Oregon then vote for me. The prizes are...
  13. hissy

    Caring About The Strays Needs Help

    Hey Guys, It has been a long time, not sure anyone even knows who I am anymore. I have been full-time caretaker for my husband as well as going non-profit with my cat sanctuary. A recent toxic rescue has occurred and I find myself in need of funds. If anyone can contribute to help these babies...
  14. hissy

    A BIG Sign of relief!

    After a year of wading through paperwork, jumping over red tape and paying multiple fees, I am now a Non-Profit Corporation. As of 6:00 last night CATS Inc., was born (Caring About The Strays) a 501 (c) 3 organization. My goal is to continue educating the masses about the importance of TNR, set...
  15. hissy

    Marketing Black Kitties

    It's a well known fact that black cats and kittens are often overlooked in rescue homes and shelters. People generally gravitate towards the more colorful kittens even though black is the primary color of all colors. After being asked for the umpty dozenth time "If I had kittens of color." I...
  16. hissy

    Any old timers lurking? Newbies welcomed to read as well- :)

    Some of you may not know me or know of me. I am one of the oldies here and I don't post much any more. Life has pulled me in other directions, but I am still strongly in love with and caring for multiple strays and ferals. I socialize them and try to find them homes but the pool is quickly...
  17. hissy

    I know this is probably a crap shoot- but

    Has anyone ever had, heard of or seen a kitten with a completely white rectum? It has gone from happy pink to white in a matter of just 24 hours. No other symptoms showing of an internal bleed- the kitten is 7 months old-has pronounced third eyelids- fever (highest was 105.9 last night) heavy...
  18. hissy


    I found you alone in front of the post office and popped you in my purse. Little did I know that you were a special delivery straight to Pop's heart and you left your stamp on mine as well. Such a fragile being crawling with fleas- yet you didn't resist the baths and the treatments to get rid...
  19. hissy

    Lost cat?
  20. hissy

    Question to the members here

    How many of you have had, or are currently dealing with your cat peeing on your bed?