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  1. maggie101

    From UTI -struitive crystals- renal failure and IBD

    So she eats purina proplan nf advanced kidney disease. She loves it but it has salmon and carrageeenan. I guess don't worry about it since salmon is not the first ingredient and lots of people feed cat food with carageenan with no problem. The hills prescription does not and has chicken and...
  2. maggie101

    Chagas disease...Assassin bug parasite

    Yes,they actually exist and can be fatal to cats. I was surprised to find one in my kitchen. They are normally in the yard. They come in many different shapes. Luckily I do not let my cats outside Chagas Disease is a serious illness that's caused by a zoonotic protozoan parasite known as...
  3. maggie101

    mirtazapine for cats

    I have read good and bad things about this. It stopped my cats acid reflux. Has anyone else used it?
  4. maggie101

    Not eating after vet visit

    Because of covid, they had their vaccines without me. Now they have not eaten since 2 yesterday. I cannot drive. Just walk to Krisers,small pet store,whole foods,or walgreens. Peaches is supposed to eat small amounts many times a day which is not happening
  5. maggie101

    Comparing cat food My cat loves the purina ur so I found something to compare.
  6. maggie101

    Cat bowls

    Just some FYI One way cats get acne is from bowls so wash after every use and use stainless steel instead of ceramic or plastic. Though that was interesting. So I will get new bowls tomorrow.
  7. maggie101

    Tiny lumps under cats chin

    And rough across. Yes,I will take her in. She does vomit alot so maybe it's dried up spit. What should I use to clean her chin? Baby wipes? I cannot drive so I hope Walmart has some. Or if it's dry skin.what can I use?
  8. maggie101

    Feeding a cat with inflamation

    I am taking my cat to the vet again. I am guessing she sometimes doesn't want to eat because of inflammation. Until then, is there something I can give her to feel better when that happens? She needs to eat.
  9. maggie101

    Bird pandemic

    Mostly about the pine siskin. I had one die few days ago. Same symptoms. Weak and mouth,. So Waash your feeders and bird bathes with bleach and water and don't put them back up for 3 weeks...
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    Buying prescription food online

    My vet will not do it. Is there a sneaky way to get around this? I don't want to change vets,find out my cat doesn't like it,then switch back. Geez!
  12. maggie101

    How to take a pic with a time stamp

    Someone suggested I do that for a nature competition How? It's a daisy we haven't had in nw houston for decades that i know of and only one showed up It's kinda funny
  13. maggie101

    Pramox 1 spray

    Waste of money? How do you spray it on a cat that won't sit on your lap. It's supposed to help with itching
  14. maggie101

    What pet cam do you use?

    I saw some for $40 with good and bad reviews. I need to record what my cats are doing so I can check it out on my tablet. One of my cats has a throw up problem done early morning when I am in bed so if she's in another room I don't know about it because it's water. Also curious what she does...
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    Directions on the bottle from the vet say to give it 30 minutes before food. Numerous sites online say to put it in food or orally.Oraly is hard so I'm disobeying what the bottle says! It's also online cheaper and in tablets. I will email the vet after trying one more time. Has anyone else dealt...
  16. maggie101

    Slight problem taking cat to vet

    I fractured my ankle so no chasing or bending. My friends are not physically able and my mom is 80 yrs old. I could really use some ideas. I give her meds but she runs from me now that it's been a week
  17. maggie101

    Bowls to help prevent regurgitation and higher.

    Finally found some on chewy The bowl next to it is as high but slants down so really not. Perfect size for my taller cat NECOICHI Extra Wide Ceramic Elevated Cat Food Bowl, 2-cup -
  18. maggie101

    Have never ever, tripped, or physical injury like a broken ankle,elbow,etc

    I have always wondered if there's anyone that lucky! 2 weeks ago, I tripped on a blanket and hit my pinky finger against the coffee table leg. Still sore. At night I get up to use the restroom and hit the wall in the dark. Tripped on a curb,my job is hazardousI slipped on a ladder,tore my...
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    Electronic toy

    I got this for Christmas but I think its defective and do not know who the manufacturer is. It's an electronic toy that runs very slow. Anyone else have it? Is it supposed to be so slow? Many different companies make it
  20. maggie101

    Canidae pure chaparrel canyon duck chicken

    Its back!!! Just bought some