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  1. natalie_ca

    Rip Spencer

    Today I said goodbye to my beautiful boy, Spencer. :bawling: :angel: Sept 18, 2010 - Jun 22, 2017 Play happy over the Rainbow Bridge. Chynna and Abby will take care of you now. Thank you for letting me be your meowmy. :redheartpump: I'm going to miss you my little honey bunches of oats-ess...
  2. natalie_ca

    I'm Moving. Off line for a few days.

    I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I'm moving I have lived in this apartment building since September 1996.  A few years ago I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment when they did a complete building renovation.  I've been wanting to move for the last 10 years or so, but one thing or another...
  3. natalie_ca

    Katie in a Box

    I'm moving and have been packing.  Spencer and Katie are loving the boxes. Here are some of Katie.  I finally manged to get my first yawning picture.  Unfortunately she's got eerie glowing eyes.  Halloween-ish!   LOL
  4. natalie_ca

    A Street Cat Named Bob

    So sweet  
  5. natalie_ca

    LItter Help from Canadians Please.

    Question for my Canadian cat friends.   The cat litter that I've been using for years has been discontinued (see picture). It took me a long time to find a good clumping cat litter that: 1. my cats liked (sand-like texture - see picture) 2. was non tracking; 3. almost dust free; 4. and ...
  6. natalie_ca

    Too Good to be True!

    I can't believe I fell for a free sample scam!  I always read the fine print, and I can always figure out when something isn't what it seems. Yet, I got sucked in. I saw something come through my Facebook for free samples from Shopper's Drug Mart (a large pharmacy chain in Canada). I love...
  7. natalie_ca

    Gorgeous Cat Photographs

    I came across this photographer's web site. He photographs cats.  Gorgeous!!!  
  8. natalie_ca

    Check out this Bengal kitty and his ball pit!

    This kitty looks like so much fun!  Mine would be hiding under the bed if I tried pouring a box of plastic balls around them!  LOL
  9. natalie_ca

    Interesting Article on Vaccinations

     I came across this interesting article on vaccinations of indoor cats.
  10. natalie_ca


    Unbelievable That’s all I needed!!!! ...I just got home to find four Police Officers in my house looking for something, acting like lunatics!!!!! Even searching through my garbage. They checked the air-conditioner and inside my bed mattress tearing it apart!! When I asked if they had a search...
  11. natalie_ca


    I've posted pictures of Abby and Spencer, but not many of Katie because she doesn't usually sit still long enough to get any. Plus I'm a bad fur-mom and don't take a lot of pictures. I was going through my picture folder and came across these from a couple of years ago of Katie playing with a...
  12. natalie_ca


    My boy Spencer loves to cuddle up in bed.  If I'm laying on my right side, he likes to cuddle in front by my hips so I can pet him.  When I'm laying on my left side, I'm near the edge of the bed, so there isn't any room for him in front of me, so he goes to where my Abby
  13. natalie_ca

    Any idea what these glass bowls are called?

    Back in the 1960's and 1970's my Mom had several blown glass dishes.  She used them as candy dishes, I don't know what they were really designed for.  They were art deco and had tapered pieces extending from the dish itself, like arms.   I saw some on a TV movie and would love to pick up a...
  14. natalie_ca

    She Only Talks That Way to the Cat!

    Love this!  hehehe
  15. natalie_ca

    Calling all Star Wars Fans

    If you are a Star Wars fan, or even if you aren't, you have to watch this!   LOL  She broadcast this live on her Facebook as it was happening. Funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time!   LMAO  
  16. natalie_ca

    Maru turns 9 years

    My favourite internet kitty, Maru Chan, turned 9 years. This boy loves hidey spots and boxes. No box is too small for Maru. He's a beautiful Scottish Fold that lives in Japan.
  17. natalie_ca

    The "Missing TCS Members" Thread

    I've been here a long time; 10 years, and over that time I had gotten to know, and had become used to seeing certain people posting about their life and their cats and other pets. When you see someone actively posting for years, it's sad when they just vanish. I'm starting this thread, hoping...
  18. natalie_ca

    TCS Veteran?

    I see some members have a title next to their name of "TCS Veteran."   I thought it was because of the number of years they've been a member, but some have been a member a lot less time that others who have "Top Cat."    Why do some members have "TCS Veteran" and others "Top Cat?"
  19. natalie_ca

    Anyone else ever wonder about past or missing TCS members?

    I was looking through some threads and saw so many names of members who haven't posted for many months or years.  I always find myself wondering what happened and why they stopped posting. I wonder how they're doing and how their cats are doing. I sometimes find myself getting misty-eyed when I...
  20. natalie_ca

    Herb Garden (Update)

    Here is an update of my herb garden. From left to right: Flat Leaf Parsley, Sweet Basil, Greek Oregano, Thyme (front) and Rosemary (Back) The Rosemary and Thyme were the first plants I transplanted. A trial run since I haven't cared for a plant for decades. A week later I transplanted the...