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  1. tammat

    A question about fighting.

    My inside babies are 2 years old. They are littermates and both female. I have never seen any aggression between them. They are inside only and have access to a large enclosed verandah. Tonight I heard cats growling. They were both down the very end of the verandah and it was dark and they are...
  2. tammat

    Happy Easter

    Hi my Cat Friends. :wavey: Wishing those of you who are celebrating a Happy Easter. It's Sunday in Australia. Easter Bunny has been. Every year he manages to get in, leave eggs all over the house ( that are not accessible to the cats) and get out without being hunted down or injured by the...
  3. tammat

    Friday's question of the day. 17th October.

    Hi everyone :wavey: I'm filling in for Winchester today. People seem to be living longer these days. 80 is the new 70!! My Mum is 82 and she's the oldest living relative for me. What age is your oldest living relative?
  4. tammat

    an interesting news story from Australia

    Hi everyone. :wavey: I tried to post a link here to a news story from Australia but it didn't work. Sorry. There was a house that was passed in at auction in Melbourne but the buyers later negotiated a deal to buy the house for an extra $140,000 if the sellers included their pet cat in the sale...
  5. tammat

    Fridays question of the day.

    Hi everybody :wavey: I'm filling in for Winchester today. My question is: What is your favourite season? Mine is Autumn/ fall. I love the colours, the crunch of leaves under my feet and the jingly sound the leaves make as the wind blows them down concrete paths. My favourite part of autumn...
  6. tammat

    What's the last absent minded thing you did?

    I ve been standing in my kitchen waiting for a crumpet to cook. I noticed I hadn't pushed the lever down. Oops! So I did but it still took so long. I looked in the toaster to see how it looked. The toaster was empty. The crumpet was still in the fridge!!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one who...
  7. tammat

    Kitchen aid, kenwood or sunbeam?

    I've just broken my mixmaster glass bowl. I love my mix master. It's a little old sunbeam. It wasn't very expensive and I've had it for ten years so I'm Going to upgrade. I'll do my research but I would really appreciate your reviews on the mixmaster you have. Any owners of kitchen aids...
  8. tammat

    A bad day for Tammat.

    My husband says " you always get carried away". Well yes I do, but let's not tell him that I agree with him. Today " I got carried away" and it was a disaster!!! Ok so this year my youngest child is going to school and I've been trying to think of ways that I could earn money from home. My...
  9. tammat

    Cat psychology and training course.

    Hi All. I am seriously considering enrolling in an online course to study Cat Psychology and training. I was wondering if anyone has done anything similar?. Did you find it helpful. I am in Australia. Here is the...
  10. tammat

    Goodbye Ruben

    Today we said goodbye to Our Best Boy Ruben. We welcomed him into our family exactly 15 months ago. He had been dumped by his first family and a local vet had rescued him from the pound. There were two most perfect kittens also at the vet that day but my children wanted the skinny cat that let...
  11. tammat

    How do I describe Ruben?

    Hello. I was reading some of these posts last night and thought it would be nice to describe Ruben correctly. He is different on each side so I don't know which side you pick to describe? He has a white chest but are tuxedos only black and white? Some of the pictures are when we first rescued...
  12. tammat

    Need help with quotes.

    Hello. Can someone please explain to me how to quote other people's replys? I'd also like to know how to quote pieces of the reply not the whole reply. As in pick out one sentence of their reply.
  13. tammat

    My new babies!!

    It's been one week today since I bought my two babies home. Two little girls born 12th January this year 2013. Their names are Nefertiti (Neffie) and Cleopatra (Cleo). They are Russian Blacks. The sweetest and most gorgeous darlings ever. Not that I am biased!! I haven't got many pics yet. But...
  14. tammat

    Do your cats groom each other?

    To everybody out there with two or more cats can you please tell me if they groom each other? I have heard that females are far better groomers and they end up doing all the work. What happens in your house? Can you please share your stories.
  15. tammat

    Ideas? Anyone?

    Hello to all you wise ones out there. I have just introduced two new kittens to our family. It's all going well except feeding is tricky. Ruben has allergies and needs to stick to his diet. The best idea I have so far is to install a microchip cat flap into my laundry- it's a cupboard really...
  16. tammat

    Searching for an informed answer.

    Hi to all breeders out there. I admire the work you guys do. It's awesome. I am getting my first pedigrees in two sleeps time. Yay! 2 Russian black females. It was going to be two different kittens but that's a whole other story. As I am over the moon excited I am telling everyone. Almost...
  17. tammat

    Rubens Birthday

    Hello everyone. Just want to share that it's been twelve months today since we welcomed Ruben into our family. We decided some time ago that 15th May would be the day we celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday Ruben and to all cats out there celebrating their birthday today.
  18. tammat

    Singapura kitten with upper respiratory infection.

    Hello. I am off to visit my vet tomorrow to Ask his advice but would love to hear what you guys out there think please.I have waited for months to bring home two kittens. A russian who I met the day after she was born. She is in perfect health and a singapura who has a upper respiratory...
  19. tammat

    Jade plants and cats?

    Hello. I have just enclosed my verandah with cat netting so Ruben can run around in the fresh air and now I am about to start to furnish it with cat toys and human furnishings. Does anyone know if jade plants are safe for cats? Your wisdom is appreciated. Thanks. Tamela.
  20. tammat

    Advise on walking cat please

    Hello Everybody. Our Boy Ruben wants to go outside badly. We are going to enclose our verandah with cat netting but its going to take a while. In the mean time I thought I would buy a harness and take him for a walk. Do you guys that do this stay inside your yards or go further afield? Also will...