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    Aquarium pictures

    Last Black Friday Petsmart had a 60g tank ensemble on sale and I bought one. But due to much procrastination, I haven't set it up yet, and am just starting to now. So I thought I'd document it. Feel free to post your own aquarium pictures too! I wanted to use sand this time instead of gravel...
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    Cats should be fed once a day?

    This story seems to be all over right now; I've seen it from several different sources. A recent study seems to indicate that it's mentally and physically healthier for a cat to eat once a day. Here's the actual study: The daytime feeding frequency affects appetite-regulating hormones, amino...
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    Tortie or chimera?

    A local cat rescue just posted this on Facebook. She is a female, so she could be a funny tortie, but I thought the placement of her markings seem odd, maybe a chimera? Just wondering what everyone else thought. I don't know anything else about her and I can't get more pictures.
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    Good price on heated house

    Good price on a heated cat house! I suppose now is the time of year to buy heated products at a discount. : Extreme Consumer Products New and Improved Indoor/Outdoor Cat House with Heated Cat Bed - 2 Doors - No Slip Feet and Stake Ties for Secure Placement : Pet Supplies Another one...
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    What's up with this kitty?

    I saw this picture today and am trying to figure it out. I don't know how a solid black cat can have a pink nose and toes, genetically speaking. Is he a smoke? Is he really black and white but the white only ended up on his bare skin?
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    Hurricane Michael

    I'm surprised nobody else has made a thread for it yet. Looking scary! I hope all our members on the Gulf Coast are staying safe!
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    Before 5 Months?

    Since the motto here is "fix by five" (though your website does say 4 or 5 months), what percentage of female kittens do you think go into heat before 5 months? I had one girl go into heat right at 16 weeks, and a couple who were around 4 1/2 months.
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    Discussion about stomatitis

    I have a 14-year-old cat who has been diagnosed with stomatitis. She's currently on prednisolone for it, which seems to help. But I know that steroids aren't a good long-term option. She has had 2 Depo-Medrol shots, too, which I've heard are supposed to be more effective than oral prednisolone...
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    What color/pattern would you call him?

    This is my new boy Badger. He just showed up one day. All the other farms in the area are over a mile away so I think he's a young tom who got chased off by the other toms and went looking for his own territory. He had a nasty bite wound on his leg when he showed up. Anyway, what color and...
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    Got a trail cam

    I bought a trail cam to keep an eye on the farm cats, because I haven't seen any of them since I released them :/. I know they're around, and I hear them scurrying when I go into the shed, but no sightings. I got the camera in the mail yesterday, and set it up right away. I then looked at the...
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    How long would you keep ferals inside?

    Just trying to get a few more opinions on this. I have a family of cats living in my machine shed, the neighbors had the mama cat spayed but there are 5 kittens and the daddy cat. The kittens are 6 months old now, I should have trapped them earlier but the weather was bad and I didn't want to...
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    Show your snakes!

    Does anybody else have snakes? I have 2 ball pythons. One is a 2014 hatchling and one is a 2015. Leonard is a pastel and Squiggy is a cinnamon lesser. I'm operating on the assumption that they're both male, but I got Leonard from a girl who couldn't keep him, and she got him from Petco. . .so no...
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    Semi-feral looks pregnant

    I moved out to an acreage, and of course cats will show up! There's one female who showed up pregnant and had kittens in the neighbor's shed (I only have one close neighbor). They took care of that litter and found homes for them. She had another litter about 4 months ago, and they're not as...
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    Kitten missing eye

    Someone brought me a sick kitten about 10 days ago. The vet gave me some antibiotics for her, but at the time her eyes were all crusted over so nobody could tell that she's missing an eye! Now that she's recovering and the crust is off her eyes, I found out that she lost an eye from the...
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    Claw growing back on de-clawed cat?

    One of my mom's cats was de-clawed by her previous owner :(. Today my mom noticed a "plastic ring" on her paw so I took a look, and it was a claw grown in a circle :/. Not a proper claw, though, kind of thin and flat. I cut it off as close to the blood supply as possible. I can't feel any bone...
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    One of my mom's cats is coughing. It's been a week or so since she started. I Googled "coughing in cats" and the info said it could be lungworm. She does go outside and eats birds. I looked up the dosage and gave her some Fenbendazole (figured if it isn't lungworm, she needed regular de-worming...
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    Is Tidy Cats experimenting on us?

    Has anyone else noticed that Tidy Cats keeps coming out with new formulas and then discontinuing them? It seems like I can't find the same formula more than 3 months in a row. First the Breathe Easy and Power Blend got discontinued. Then they came out with Active Spaces and Dual Power. I liked...
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    Any ideas? Cat is skinny, unkempt, otherwise fine

    Something is wrong with Sammy. He's 11 years old, I guess almost 12. Lately he's gotten really thin and his fur (he's longhaired) is nasty. He's not eating a lot, so clearly that's why he's skinny, but he eats enough that I'm not afraid of him starving himself, maybe half of what he should be...
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    How old is a tom when he gets his jowls?

    I took in a tomcat. . .um, probably in February, I forget exactly but it was pretty cold. And he's been living in my spare bathroom since then. Anyway, I'm the world's worst procrastinator, plus he's very polite and doesn't spray or get upset about living in the bathroom, so I only just now made...
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    Has anyone used Seresto collars?

    My mom's cats always have fleas. Always. I apply Advantage or Frontline and give them Capstar but it never really gets rid of them. I don't know why her cats are such flea magnets. . .my cats rarely get fleas. I've heard good things about Seresto from people who used it on their dogs, but I...