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  1. kai bengals

    Update, Loki, F1 Savannah

    Ok, Loki has been here roughly a month now. He has come a LONG way and I would venture that he is nearly (give a week or two more) just a regular member of our feline household. As of this post he is at my back on my computer chair, just chilling. This is a first as he is has always been very...
  2. kai bengals

    Mouse Patrol

    It's that time of year again, and even though we have 6 cats and a dog in the house, the mice are calculating that the risk is worth the pay-off of being warm and cozy inside rather than outside. So Teri told me several days ago that she was 100% positive she saw a mouse dart out from under the...
  3. kai bengals

    Savannah bites off Bengal's ear

    OUCH! Nope, guess not, ear is still there Loki decides Boomerang's ear tasted bad, so she needs a bath
  4. kai bengals

    New Bengal Cats Video

    Wow, I just discovered an awesome new movie maker software on my PC. Didn't even know it was there until today. Anyway, I put together this sideshow video of our cats. I think it turned out really good. Hope you guys like it. I'm going to have fun with this program in the future.
  5. kai bengals

    Video of Loki the Savannah

    Filmed today and posted on You Tube trying to get the hang of my new camera. I shot this on the lowest HD resolution because the SD card I have writes too slow. Something I didn't have a clue about when I bought this camera. Live & Learn.
  6. kai bengals

    Savannah integration results

    Today was the day to introduce the new F1 Savannah to the resident cats: 3 bengal kittens, 1 maine coon and 1 singapura. It went remarkably well. So well in fact, that I was in disbelief to be honest. I kept the Savannah, now named Loki, harnessed and leashed until I was certain he would be...
  7. kai bengals

    F1 Savannah size perspective

    So, wow, Simba has really taken a liking to us. In just 24 hours he's a completely different cat. Now we're much more confident that he is going to be ok living with us. Since some of you asked and commented in my other thread about his size, here are some new photos. The chair he is close to...
  8. kai bengals

    F1 Savannah joins our family

    Rescued this boy from being euthanized. He's rough around the edges and threatens to bite sometimes, most likely because his first owner 4 paw de-clawed him. As you can see he is stunning and accepts us enough already to allow me to take pictures of him. I hope he will learn to trust us...
  9. kai bengals

    New Kiwi the Great Dane pics

    Kiwi is now 3 months old and about 35 pounds. She's grown alot since I posted pics of her as little puppy. She went to her first doggy obedience training this week. Have to get her reined in before she hits 100 plus pounds. In these pics, do you think Kiwi was trying to tell me something?
  10. kai bengals

    Keeping your eye on the prize

    Our 5 month old bengal, Graffi, demonstrates how to scoff at gravity and keep her eye on the prize.
  11. kai bengals

    Our new security system

    We haven't owned a dog for nearly 15 years! This little (for now) girl is keeping us on our toes. Great Danes are gentle giants, but when she's full grown she should be able to provide security with just her imposing appearance, lol. 8 weeks old and 20 lbs of lovable dogginess. All the bengals...
  12. kai bengals

    For cats with unexplained overgrooming......

    ......itching to the point of hair removal with scabbing and self mutilation, consider the litter you are using. Over the past 5 years we've had 5 cats with this condition, 4 bengals and 1 singapura. All of them are allergic to Tidy Cat clumping litter. Once we switched out to a brand with no...
  13. kai bengals

    CFA and bengals

    There are some rumblings going on in the cat world about CFA taking another look at adding the bengal cat to their registry. There is a "meet and greet" bengal exhibition being planned for a CFA show. They must be finally realizing that the bengal isn't going away, has become the world's most...
  14. kai bengals

    Macaws: Ruby & Friday, new pics

    Spring has sprung, so the birds get lots of outdoor time now. Here are 4 semi-interesting pictures of Ruby the scarlet macaw and Friday the hyacinth. Friday is always the class clown. Ruby is the intellectual, carefully contemplating her movements and actions. To demonstrate, here are the...
  15. kai bengals

    Evolution of a bengal kitten

    I've always meant to, but I don't think I've ever taken weekly face shots of a single kitten from 2 weeks old on. It's interesting to see how much they change by looking back on photographs. This is Ramses, the kitten that is going to live with Frances soon. 2 weeks old 3 weeks old 4...
  16. kai bengals

    Creepy Singapura

    Watch the ninja cat if you dare...............
  17. kai bengals

    Firecracker singapura pics

    The "crackah" held still for a few half ways decent shots.
  18. kai bengals

    RESULTS, kitten purchase SURVEY

    My thanks to all of you who took the time out of your busy day to respond to my survey. I have posted these results to a popular bengal breeder list I belong to and have gotten lots of positive feedback along with some raised eyebrows from the results. Breeders can often lose sight of what the...
  19. kai bengals

    SURVEY, kitten purchase

    This survey is for everyone to feel free to answer, whether you would ever consider a breed cat or not. Even if you would only ever adopt from a shelter, please give your input if you want to. I'm posting this here, versus the Breeder forum, as I would like all to feel welcome giving their...
  20. kai bengals

    Ruby's new friend, Friday

    This guy is not the original Friday we had decided on. The original was a Blue & Gold macaw. When we finally met him he didn't really like me or Teri, so we picked the Hyacinth macaw instead. He loves everyone and just wants to be held. He's very gentle with that powerful beak. Friday visited...