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  1. Bobsk8

    Automatic litter box / litter robot - opinions?

    What type of litter are you using in the box where the cat poops outside of it. I had that problem, and it turned out my cat hated Pine Pellets. Switched to Aem and Hammer Clump and seal and that cured the problem.
  2. Bobsk8

    Releasing my sadness for the plan of neutering my Keanu

    To spay and neuter is a responsible decision.
  3. Bobsk8

    Littermaid self cleaning helppp??

    I only have one cat and two litter boxes. I clean them twice a day, and I can use a good litter for many months because if it is deep enough and cleaned often, it never needs replacing.
  4. Bobsk8

    My Cat Poops Liquid

    If I had a cat with that symptom I would be on the phone making an appointment with a Vet ASAP.
  5. Bobsk8

    Should I let my indoor cats go outside by themselves for a few hours a day?

    Life expectancy will probably drop by many years if you let cat go out. .
  6. Bobsk8

    Automatic litter box / litter robot - opinions?

    Dozens of Litter Robot reviews on Youtube. Some cats don't like them.
  7. Bobsk8

    Petsmart App

    I stopped going to Petsmart period. The main reason is that they have no provisions for cleaning their carts when you walk in the store. I see people without masks walking around. Toxic environment. ( Duluth GA store, BTW. ) I get everything on Chewy now.
  8. Bobsk8

    Litter Genie Refills

    I used to get Litter Genie Refills on Amazon, which were much cheaper than the regular LG refills and worked just as well. Then they disappeared from Amazon. They have moved to their own website now and are available again. FIRIK Refill Cassette Compatible with Litter Genie - Large Capacity 21...
  9. Bobsk8

    whats the best flea medicine for cats ... they are both adult cats

    I like Revolution, not Revolution Plus which contains a nerve agent, and that agent has killed dogs that took it in Nexgard.
  10. Bobsk8

    I Found a Single Flea, what do I do!

    I agree, Hartz stuff is garbage.
  11. Bobsk8

    How often do you completely clean out your litterbox?

    I use Clump and Seal Multi Cat for one cat. I scoop twice a day, and after 3+ months, the litter is still clean with no smell at all.
  12. Bobsk8

    How often to replace cat tree?

    I have purchased several "Frisco" Trees from Chewy. Easy to put together, good hardware. well built and both my daughters who got them as gifts from me, really like them. Very reasonably priced. Good value.
  13. Bobsk8

    Litterbox Accessories

    This is the best Litter scoop bar none. I even bought one for each of my daughters that have cats, and they love it too. Litter-Lifter® Scoop - Cleanest litterbox, Fastest, most-loved cat litter scoop, arthritis friendly, less dust
  14. Bobsk8

    Automatic Litter Boxes

    Tons of videos on Youtube where all auto litter boxes are reviewed. Most of the reviews say that most auto litter boxes have problems of one sort or another, and are not worth the hassle or expense. The only one that has few negative reviews or problems is the LItter Robot but you are shelling...
  15. Bobsk8

    I’ve found the holy grail of cat litter!!!

    Hope you have better luck with Pellets than I did. After a couple of months on pine pellets, my cat started pooping on the floor next to the litter box. Switched to Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal, and the problem immediately stopped.
  16. Bobsk8

    I’ve found the holy grail of cat litter!!!

    This is a good video on litter.
  17. Bobsk8

    Ways to save on cat litter?

    I started with Pine Pellets after I adopted my cat months ago since the shelter said they used it. After a couple of months, my cat started pooping next to the litter box. This would happen once or twice a week. I started thinking about returning the cat to the shelter, which I hated to do...
  18. Bobsk8

    I’ve found the holy grail of cat litter!!!

    Arm and Hammer Clump and seal, no smell at all, just scoop out clumps every day. My cat loves it too.
  19. Bobsk8

    Pooping outside the box

    I had that problem and finally figured out it was the litter I was using, which was recommended to me by the rescue agency where she was adopted from, Pine Pellets. After I had her for around 2 months she started not covering her poop, and within a week or so she started pooping right next to...
  20. Bobsk8

    Kitten plays in water fountain

    My daughter adopted two kittens about 4 months ago , and now they are about 8 months old. The problem that started two days ago, is one of these kittens has started playing in the Catsmate Water fountain. My daughter couldn't figure out why the fountain was empty the last couple of days when she...