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    I have a pregnant cat

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    My 3 week old kittens sleep

    What solid food are you feeding? Kitten wet? Maybe add a little KMR powder to the wet food.
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    Blind cat suddenly hates her brother

    Just a thought. Many cat owners (aka staff) have observed that if they take one of several cats for a vet visit, the stay at home cats will reject the cat that visited the vet. At least for several days. The reason is that the cat gained a new/different oder on the vet visit. Have you done...
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    What's the minimum a kitten should eat?

    I noticed last week at my local supermarket that they had tinned/canned condensed goat milk.Next to the condensed cow milk. Kittens/young cats should be provided as much food as they can eat, 24 hours a day. They need the calories/fa/protein until they reach 12 months/one year of age. Feed...
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    Feral cat injured, im not sure what to do next

    I think he should see a vet. Can you do an online search for Harris county nrkill rescue groups? Then call them and ask for veterinarian references? If the vet provides a sedative you could feed the cat to sedate or calm him so you can take him to a vet for an exam and care. Also one of the...
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    Aggressively (?) asking for food

    Thank you for the rescue! She is still a kitten. Cats (most) are not fully grown until they are 12 months of age. Plus, kittens are hyper active. And she also probably has food insecurity from nor eating regularly while a stray. So, growth and activity are consuming a lot of calories. She...
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    New kitten, worried mom

    You should feed the kitten kitten food wet and/or dry, until he is one year old. I would free feed dry food and feed wet twice a day. Welcome to a career as feline staff!
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    What breed is my kitten ?

    If the kitten stayed with mom cat until you adopted it, she taught the kitten to use a litter box. if, of course, there was one available.. Does it not use a litter box? Please keep us updated!
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    First Time Fostering a (Possibly) Pregnant Cat

    You might give her a saucernog MR every day. This will provide her extra calcium and protiem, And continue doing so as long as she continues to nurse her kiyttens. Maybe feed her kitten kibble and/or kite tined food/ Again, for as long as she is nurs9ing her kittens. Buy the powdered form of...
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    A newly neutered male should take no more than a week to ten days for the testosterone to recede. And the spraying should cease by then. The only good thing that can happen to an outdoor cat is to be made an indoor only pet! Will any of the local vets neuter him? Usually that is not...
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    Cat Joke

    "A German shepherd, a Doberman and a cat have died. All three are faced with God, who wants to know what they believe in. The German Shepherd says “I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my master.” “Good!” says God. “Then sit down on my right side.” The Doberman says “I believe in...
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    Wayla died, now Randy seems lost

    I read, many years past, that if you have multiple pets, and one dies or is euthanized, bring the body home for all the surviving pets to see. The explanation was to reduce or eliminate this type of behavior. Cats and dogs do not understand death, but if they see their former companion cold and...
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    Explain your cat's name

    From what I've read on TCS, at shelters, kittens (8 weeks +) are the easiest to place. It is the older cats , 1 year +, that are the most difficult to place. No longer cute.
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    Someone help. Growing bump on head

    Shortly after warts were discovered, I had one frozen off. The doctor dipped a long cotton swab into a thermos filled with liquid nitrogen. Then applied the swab to my wart. Then gave me a topocal cream to prevent infection. The wart was gone in about ten days. No pain. All of the warts I had...
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    Birthing right now

    If you can, feed mom cat some Kitten Milk Replacement, not Hertz, and buy the dry form. Plus kitten kibble/and or kitten tinned food. Those will give her the extra calories/protein/calcium she needs to produce milk for her kittens. Thankyou for the rescue! And provide updates!
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    Birthing right now

    please provide updates on mom and kittens when you can.
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    Help sick feral cat

    Please take her to a vet. If you can not, can you find a local rescue group to help her?
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    Taking care of premature kitten and cat currently in labor?

    You ou might also give the mom cat a saucer of KMR for the extra calories, protein, and minerals for her milk production. Please keep us updated!
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    Is she prego or normal looking?

    Time for a vet check. Deworming, vaccines, and preggers determination!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    A question for our northern neighbors. What are the traditional Thanksgiving dishes? Entres and desert s, please. And side dishes! Enquiring minds want to know!