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  1. lucho

    Black Cats Only

    Pantera in broad daylight
  2. Preguiça da tarde

    Preguiça da tarde

    Lazy summer days
  3. lucho

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    The title of the photo says it all: how is it that her tail is growing faster than the rest of her? :p:biggrin::biggrin: Although still long and lean, little Pimenta is starting to put some meat on those bones. Obviously a result of Pantera's 'tough love' style of teaching :bat:
  4. lucho

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Again, the photo quality is horrible, the two don't let me prepare better lighting conditions... :P The bullying hasn't ended, but Pantera is actually teaching little Pimenta about hunting. Tonight Pantera caught a moth with a 5 inch wingspan (my god, I didn't even know such a thing exists...
  5. lucho

    Black Cats Only

  6. Pimenta watching

    Pimenta watching

  7. Pimenta is growing

    Pimenta is growing

  8. Class is in session

    Class is in session

    Pantera caught a moth with a 5" wingspan (😱) and gave it to Pimenta and watched the little one play with the prey. She is actually teaching Pimenta about hunting (or how to torture insects, depending on how you look at it)
  9. Pimenta and her tail

    Pimenta and her tail

  10. lucho

    Show me your "stink eyed" cat pictures!!

    Somebody is in for a world of hurt :bat::blackcat2:
  11. lucho

    Show me your "stink eyed" cat pictures!!

    When Pantera wants somethng she doesn't have to utter a sound
  12. lucho

    The eyes have it! Let's see those pretty peepers!

    Pimenta's got that expression we all get in passport and driver's liscence photos :crackup:
  13. lucho

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Five months old, beginning to settle in
  14. lucho

    Black Cats Only

    Still trying to get decent pics- the difference between photographing night and day is, well, night and day 🤨 Photos at night just aren't the same. Even so, it's when Pantsra hams it up for the camera 😜
  15. Pimenta at home

    Pimenta at home

    So young, and already a camera ham
  16. Pimenta


    Little by little she settles in
  17. lucho

    Black Cats Only

    Does he strut? The thing about Pantera is that she doesn't walk like most cats. She has a 'head low to the ground' and shoulders forward way of movement that is more like the jaguars and leopards of youtube than normal cats. If only I could get that on video...
  18. lucho

    Black Cats Only

    Man, I just can't win for losing: photographing black cats is harder than it looks. I almost got this one. Pantera still never walks, she struts. Talk about living up to the name :blackcat2:
  19. lucho

    Survey: What color eyes does your cat have?

    The newest member to our family, Pimenta, comes from a small feral colony living around a nearby school (only six cats, max). She doesn't resemble the other cats at all, and was the only nonadult. Even so she seems a good example of brazilian street cats, with her lanky and leggy build, notable...
  20. First mugshot :P

    First mugshot :P