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    Popcorn Eaters?

    I found that my cats love popcorn. Is there anything wrong with giving them a kernel or two of dry popcorn once in a while as a treat?
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    When will I be "in the clear?"

    Several weeks ago, I had one of my cats get into the garbage and she ate a couple of whole cooked chicken bones. She's been fine so far, but I was wondering when I can be assured there won't be any trouble from her "transgression." I figured she'll be all right, but do any of you have any...
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    Cat Growth?

    I have a red longhair tabby girl that's been growing off and on for her whole 2 1/2 years of life. Recently, I think she's coming into yet another growth spurt. She's only a moggie, and not terribly big, but keeps slowly growing. She eats as much as her two older male "brothers," so it...
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    What kind of growl does your cat have?

    I never heard my Meep growl until recently. She's about 2 1/2 years old, orange DLH. a small cat, and fairly kitten-like, even at her age. However, she has the ugliest, most menacing low-pitched growl I ever heard out of a cat. You'd never think such a noise would come out of her. She only...
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    Cat fixed anal glands herself?

    My little girl, Meep, was doing the scoot for a couple days. Have a vet appointment scheduled in a few days, but this morning I found a dark spot on the bed and it didn't smell very nice. She quit scooting. Can cats sometimes take care of that themselves? With all the cats we've had over the...
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    Cats out of sorts the past day

    All my cats have been ill at ease the past day or so, walking around with fuzzed-out tail, somewhat dilated pupils, refusing to cuddle and overreacting to noises about the house. I can't figure out anything that would have caused it, except perhaps the earthquake in North Carolina. We didn't...
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    Never had a cat that gives me gifts unless it was an outside cat. However, last week I had a problem with a pillow that had a torn seam and the synthetic filling was coming out. I fixed that, but after a few days one of my cats started leaving me presents next to my head every night. It's a...
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    synthetic sausage casing

    I have a garbage can forager. She ate synthetic sausage casings from out of the trash. The first one came back up, pretty much as eaten; another came up later. Having been exposed to digestive juices, the second one was pretty much like goo. Needless to say, I've done more to secure the...
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    nictitating membrane (3rd eyelid)

    I was looking at my dozing cat, and as he slowly closed his eyes, I could see his third eyelid slide over as the eyes closed. I was wondering if anybody knows if the third eyelid always closes when the eyes are shut, and can the cat extend the third eyelid at will?
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    Anybody else have a bad new moon?

    The new moon was yesterday. I was wondering what had gotten into the cats. The little one was climbing all over everything. I found her on a towel rod in the bathroom, even standing on top of a lampshade! They had the worst zoomies they'd ever had. Rugs all piled up in the corners, running...
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    Buprenex--effects and for how long?

    One of my cats hurt his foot a couple weeks ago. No broken bones (took an X-ray), but the vet gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and some syringes of Buprenex to administer orally, which I gave him as directed. He was absolutely stoned for five days. I'd give him a syringe and he'd disappear...
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    Fleas in winter

    How come my cats (which are strictly indoor cats) always seem to come down with fleas this time of the year? Does it really take the cold temperature to get the fleas to come inside? Never have problems with them in the summer, and I thought they'd die by now if they were outside.
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    Winter sleeping box w/ space blanket?

    What with the thread about sweaters for cats, has anybody made up a sleeping box for their cats, lined with one of those Mylar space blankets? Seems the cats would like it, as the blanket is highly reflective of body heat. The combination of a corrugated cardboard box with a warm place to hang...
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    How many of your cats can you get to purr at the same time?

    Just wondered if any of you have tried this. I have three: One has a good loud purr, the other is okay and the third, well, you often have to put a finger on his throat and feel for the vibration. He takes a lot of effort to get going. I only seem to be able to get two purring...
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    Weight Loss Diet For Cat

    I have a porker, who's on a diet. He's doing well, perhaps too well. I'm afraid he may been losing too fast. He was about 6 kg. I haven't weighed him lately, but he seems to have lost a considerable portion of his belly quite fast. How much weight should a cat lose in a period of time, say...
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    Eating Dryer Lint!

    I have a bad little girl who likes to make like an alley cat and raid the trash basket in the kitchen. This morning, I caught her eating a big ball of dryer lint I'd put in there yesterday. Most of it is cat hair anyway, but is there anything else in the lint that might present a problem? I...
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    Treatment Of Cat Having Eaten Too Many Onions

    I had been discussing this over at the nutrition forum. I figured somebody might answer my question or the moderator might move it here, but that didn't happen. I'll ask here. The eating of onions is supposed to destroy red blood cells in cats. I wonder how this illness is treated if the cat...
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    Tractor Supply Got Good Cat Food?

    I always liked shopping at TSC, but their nearest store was about 20 miles away. They just opened a new one in the next township, only about 4 1/2 miles away. I went over there and looked around. I've heard some people say that TSC's house brand cat foods are pretty good. The big problem was...
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    Conflicting Behavior--any Ideas?

    Sir Eats-A-Lot is a fixed male about three years old. His "me" time is together with me while I'm on the "throne" in the bathroom. He usually flops down and rolls over for belly rubs. While he's there, he "air-kneads" but simultaneously flaps his tail aggressively on the floor. That's...
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    Food Transition

    We had kittens when I was a youngster, but mom always took care of seeing they got fed right. Now, I have a nine month-old kitten. When should I start moving her from kitten food to adult cat food? She doesn't free-feed, and gets three meals a day with her "brothers." I already feed her some...