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    crazy cat lady?

    Ialways thought I was catcrazy but actually I got a dog about 2 weeks ago.My son simply accused me of wanting a zoo, well if I could a good idea.Ihad to promise it was the last addition to our house.So far the cats haven´t adjusted to the presence of a dog in their house but they hopefully will...
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    My husband has kidney pain

    Hi, My husband had a similar problem. The doc is the only solution.It´s usually some stone or smaller particles that are on their way out that cause these problems.Make him see a specialist for uro genital problems.He´ll be so relieved when the pains are gone.It´s supposed to be worse than...
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    What did you do for Valentine's Day

    HI, same as you Nothing, not necessary.I don´t need Valentine´s to do anything special. Love Elisabeth
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    Tigger's gone!

    Hi everybody, I only want to let everybody know that this time I really managed to enter the States without any trouble contrary to the last time.I'm in California visiting my son, his fiance and not to forget their superimportant dog.They live in a lovely spot the wheater is wonderful, a lot...
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    A Kitten's Prayer

    Hi, i guess that poem-just lovely- expresses exactly my cat´s thoughts.She always sleeps on that part of the blanket that I need to cover my back. Best wishes Elisabeth Provos-Killing
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    Pictures Pictures!

    Hi Michelle, great picture, I´d love to meet you and all the catlovers I´ve been in touch with. Pity I live so far away. Imagine our lovely little European shorthair had to have 5 teeth extracted last week. nevertheless she wanted her dried food in the evening and caught a mouse 2 days ago...
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    Would everyone please read this thread? Thank You!

    Hi everybody, I´m really upset due to computerproblems I haven´t received mails for quite some weeks: new address is [email protected] and the ones that did go to this address got deleted erroneously by my son.We share the address and he had no idea how he got those mails. I was furious when...
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    No declawing! :)

    Hi, those people should have pirhanas.Declawing isn´t allowed in Germany either,It´s regarded as torture, meows Elisabeth
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    Does anyone else have Essential Tremor?

    Hi Georgiagirl, I can imagine how hard it is to live with such a disease. You see I´m in a wheelchair and some people look at me as if Iwere demented or had to be since I´m sitting in that disgusting chair, my left side has been paralysed after a bad stroke and I´m not 80 or 90.SO I have...
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    If you could get another cat...which breed?

    HI Cindy, Ihave a European shorthair from a shelter, great loving cat, very purry. If you are looking for a wonderful not too outspoken cat I´d recommend a Maine Coon.I wish Icould have more.They are ideal cats good size not clingy but like to be stroked any time. I guess all this is due to my...
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    Ladies, I'm needing some help with clothes

    HI; Why don´t you buy at LL: BEAN´s: It´s my favourite shop and their stuff is good quality and you can buy online.You see I´ m disabled and can´t go shopping very often and live in Germany.By the way I´ll be in Michigan and California in December visiting my son. I FINALLY GOT MY VISA AT...
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    my mail

    HI EVERYBODY, this is for all who send me mail occasionally,Due to a computer change all my past mail got lost and before I bought a new compu my mail didn´t work for weeks SO I´d be really grateful if all those who´d love to stay in touch could send me a mail. Love Elisabeth
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    something to smile

    Hi everybody, I hope this will make you laugh as well. Last week I was sitting at our diningroom table having breakfast when my husband came downstairs. Instead of saying good morning I just said" Na" to find out how he was. His answer was" Mow" and he was absolutely serious about his answer and...
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    Bad idea?? Need advice. . . .

    Hi Laurie, I had to say good-bye to 2 cats and my family insisted on getting a new cat immediately and I´m glad they did.You can still cry holding the new cat in your arms but nevertheless it eases the pain.Knowing that you rescued a little furry should make you happy on top of everything.We...
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    What is the most unusual food you ever sampled?

    Hi Hissy, the most unusual food I ever had to try was bull´s testicles. Tasted a little like liver which I can´t stand either.That was in Greece and the relatives simply shoved it into my mouth without telling me what it was Yuck. Love Elisabeth
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    New Member

    Hi, I do hope xou´ve come to love your MC as much as I do. I´ve almost had her for 2 years now .Wonderful breed especially since my breeder is an extremely thorough and careful breeder for health and character.Look up Doublebee on the net and you´ll find most of her children.Well, it´s...
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    You know you're from Pennsylvania . .

    Hi, You´ll be surprised to hear that I spent lovely weeks at the Hill School in Pottstown in 4 consecutive summers. I actually went to Intercourse and here nobody could believe that there is a place by that name.I liked Penylvania and would love to return and visit my friends.My son is in...
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    Bathroom Kitty!!

    Hi, no way I can go to the loo without being accompanied by Pinsel. She always jumps up onto the cupboard that contains the handbasin and expects me to turn on the tap for a good drip.Then she waves her big tail through my face and starts removing the imaginary twigs from the basin. Bad luck...
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    Feline whodunits

    Hallo jcat, Endlich mal jemand aus Deutschland auf der Katzenseite. Bei den Büchern kann ich nur zustimmen und hab sie schon gerne verschenkt. In welcher Ecke Deutschlands wohnst Du.Man könnte sich mal so nett am Telefon unterhalten(0451-22638 das ist Bad Schwartau)Ich habe eine ganz normale...
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    Pleased to meet you and to introduse ourselves

    Hi Helen This site isn´t a grammar test in English.So no reason to worry at all.Simply write whenever you want to get in touch.I spend a lot of time here. I`m disabled: My left side is paralysed after a stroke.So there isn´t much that I can do.All the best and enjoy the unfurries. Elisabeth: