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  1. Purr-fect

    Greg and Arnold....."working from home"

    They both say they love this new WFH routine. No more long car rides into the office. No more useless chatter at the water cooler. And since they are cats, they really dont miss the social aspect of the work place. Here is Greg preparing for his up coming presentation to a new client...
  2. Purr-fect

    Can you spot the tiger in the jungle?

    Danger lurks.......can you find it? (Dont worry no birds were hurt, they were all too busy getting free food from their feeder, which Greg and Arnold cant reach)
  3. Purr-fect

    Thats my boy!

    Arnold just chased a fox out of our yard! Sorry no pics, happened too fast. We have foxes in our neighborhood. I see them as a threat to my cats. As I am sitting outside with my boys (cats), a fox comes to the side gate and stares in at us. I am waiting for the fox to get just a little...
  4. Purr-fect

    A dog and cat's perspective on social distancing?

    This was sent to me.......I got a chuckle....hope no one is offended. And just for the record, I know our cats love having us home (at their beck and call).
  5. Purr-fect

    Dont you hate it when.........

    Your cats spend more time playing with the bag than the cat presents you put in them! When will I ever learn???????? Just ask the cashier for a couple of large plastic bags and leave.
  6. Purr-fect

    Everyone is feezing!

    Its cold and windy out here, but greg and arnold wont go back in the house! Too much to see, sniff and hear. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
  7. Purr-fect

    Cats communicating with body language.

    Had a guest for dinner recently. What do you think is being "said" here by greg and arnold? ;) How does your cat use body language to communicate with you?
  8. Purr-fect

    "nothing To See Here..........just Move Along!"

    Arnold and Greg patrolling their yard. No wonder no birds will come into the yard anymore!
  9. Purr-fect

    Is Beauty Inversely Proportional To Intelligence?

    Greg is very pretty.... But im not sure he is very smart. Here he is just 16 hours after having his paw stung by a bee. Fortunately "dad" was on duty and averted the crisis. In the first picture you can see the bee mid air. In the second picture you can see the bee's butt and stinger...
  10. Purr-fect

    I Need Some Help Identifying These Worms Please.

    I was outside with greg and arnold this morning and noticed what appeared to be vomited worms on the patio stones. I dont know if it came from one of the cats. See pictures at bottom of post. To me, the worms looked like common garden type worms. They were red (not white) and dead. Greg...
  11. Purr-fect

    The Rare And Elusive Two Headed Gregnold Cat!

    Originally thought to be a mythical creature, archaeologists first discovered images of these two headed cats in the (cat)acombs of ancient pyramids. The cats were thought to have been used to protect Egyptian Pharaohs as they traveled to the afterlife. Latter it was believed, these rare...
  12. Purr-fect

    Boys Being Boys!

    One minute they are helping me with paperwork......the next they are wrestking on the dining room table! And I love it. l
  13. Purr-fect

    Its -12 Celsius (10 Degrees Fahrenheit). Can We Go In Now!

    The downside of having big furry cats, is they are quite happy to stay outside in the cold weather. I have to stay with them, as we have coyotes around. Brrrrrrr! Greg is getting so fluffy in response to going out in the cold, he is literally turning into a fur "ball".
  14. Purr-fect

    Let See Some Beautiful Fur Coats!

    We havent even had our first snow flurry, but Greg is geting ready for winter. In the fall I look forward to the changes of the colors of the leaves....and Greg's winter coat. Show us your cat's beautiful fur. Lets see the colors, the plushness, the softness, fluffiness.
  15. Purr-fect

    How Do I Preserve Fresh Cat Nip?

    I was given a good sized quantity of fresh catnip. I want to give a little to the boys (cats), at a time. I could just let it dry naturally over a few weeks and then grind it up and put it in a bag. But is there a better way?
  16. Purr-fect

    The "magic Treat Fountain"........ It Exists!

    "Gee Arnold, what do you think it is?" "I dont know Greg, why dont you take a look and tell me"..(this is not actually a question as Arnold is boss) "Ok Arnold" "Looks like some sort of........magical fountain.......take a look" "Theres no such thing as a magical fountain.........stupid"...
  17. Purr-fect

    "supersize Me!" Or At Least My Litter Box!

    Any of you who have been on this forum for a while have probably read posts about my two boys...... Greg and Arnold.....see picture. Both are large cats, arnold even bigger than greg. Greg can just barely fit in a regular size litter's obviously a squeeze, uncomfortable, but he can...
  18. Purr-fect

    Best Flea Collar

    Im not a fan of flea collars. But if you had to put one on your cat, which one would it be? My boys do go outside but are carefully brushed before they come in. The main purpose for their collar is to hang their identification tag from it. Suggestions please.
  19. Purr-fect

    Two, Two, Two Times The Fun!

    Ok, ok, I admit, last night greg and arnold were being cute and i wanted to show off their im starting this thread. Having one cat is wonderful.....having two cats is even better......and multiple cats that have a relationship and share time together is extra special. Show...
  20. Purr-fect

    This Fun Quiz Might Identify Your Cat!

    I dont know what the rules are on posting links to other sites. If this link is inappropriate, please accept my apologies and remove it. This is a link to a short quiz that may help identify the type of breed of of you have. It worked for me! What cat breed(s) does your cat look like? Back...