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    limping - meloxicam / metacam

    Hello! My 3 year old scottish fold has been intermittently limping for probably the past 2 months, on and off, inconsistently. It's usually worse when he just wakes up, and then he walks the limp off, and then becomes okay. It hasn't affected his activities, still the same, he is still jumping...
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    Hi. i have a 2.8 years old (reaching 3 this coming may) scottish fold male. These past ~2 weeks, i have been noticing that he tends to have a random limp on his right hand/forefoot, especially after rest? but not immediately? From what' ive noticed it tends to be sleep -> walks around for ~ 3...
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    Sodium in cat food - tiki cat after dark

    Hello! I was wondering when we say a food has high sodium content, how high is high, how much is generally acceptable? Also, does anyone know how to calculate/ find out the sodium content/ know if its acceptable or on the higher end for Tiki Cat after dark canned cat food? Thank you!
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    Are these flowers poisonous??

    Hi, sorry i’m panicking right now. My cat got into this dried bouquet of flowers. he was left alone for 3 minutes max, and when i found him he was sniffing at the flower. i know absolutely nothing about flowers, are there any liliies in this mix or any other flower inhere are poisonous that i...
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    Hello. I just came back from the vet with routine blood work done. I’m kind of really sad and taken aback right now so would appreciate if anybody can offer some insight into this matter! noted from the vet his CREA, BUN, and Calcium levels are raised. She sounded really concerned about his...
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    Is it okay to freeze canned food for the long term?

    Hi! Just wanted to ask, is there any harm if i were to portion out ziwipeak’s canned cat food into individual portions and freeze the portions? Because it tends to smell weird/ not as good by the time im finishing the can (less than 7 days as noted on the can), so im trying to freeze it and only...
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    Size of cat

    Hi, i just wanted to get other's opinions on the size of my cat. if he's a good size, or if i should increase his food, or reduce it. Attached are pictures from a few directions.
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    Trying to understand my cat - house moving

    Hi! This is not a thread to ask for advice or anything, because everything is okay now, but just thought i’d try to get some insight into the confusing mind of a cat. :yess: i was an international student when i got my cat, so my cat was overseas with me for about a year and a half. When i...
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    Opinion on this commercial raw?

    Hi! So i stumbled upon this commercial raw a few days ago, and am very tempted to try my cat out on it. However, i'm totally clueless when it comes to raw food / the good vs the bad / things to take note of in the ingredients, ratios of things and all, and would appreciate any opinions and...
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    dental scale - to wait or not?

    Hi, it seems like its always one issue after another. I'm at a dilemma at the moment. My 1.5 year old cat has gingivitis - stage 1 and reversible, thankfully, but the vets have suggested that he go for a dental scale in the next few months, it's not necessary to do it immediately, and my vet...
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    blood in stool / history of intermittent diarrhoea / probiotic opinion

    Hello! It's a long ramble, do bear with me! :please: I've noticed that since july, my cat has had intermittent diarrhoea (very weirdly, just once a day of "bad" stools, and perfectly fine for next few weeks, this coming week will be the 5th week since he's loose-stool free, so i'm hoping that...
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    On / Off Diarrhoea / Soft Stools

    I'm really not too sure what's the issue. He hasn't had this before, but in the past month or so, he's been having a few bouts of diarrhoea / soft stools. I've kept a log, so i will paste it here. Friday 12th July: Diarrhoea in litter box (1 liquid clump) Given half...
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    Omega 3 For Healthy Cats?

    just wondering if giving omega 3 supplementation in capsules is a good idea for healthy cats that are not on raw food? would there be any harmful effects?? I'm thinking of giving my scottish fold omega 3 for a) some dandruff whenever i brush him b) prevention of osteoarthritis that scottish...
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    Cat Teeth Grinding?

    Hi! My cat is a 14 month old scottish fold. He has mild gingivitis - bought him to the vets only about 2 weeks ago and was told that he has mild gingivitis but that it's not too bad so to just continue brushing his teeth, no need for scaling/polishing yet. he doesn't allow me to use a...
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    Just Curious! Tail Body Language

    Whenever i bring my cat out for a walk on his leash and harness, every now and then i notice that his tail is down / occassionally but rarely between his legs. i've read and assumed that that means that he's uncertain and anxious. but whenever i notice that, when i reach over to give him pets or...
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    Cat Only Eating In Morning + Needing To Be Fed?

    So, my cat is currently 11 months old. For some reason, since a few weeks ago, he hasn't been thaat interested in his food - he is still eating, however, just not as much. but his weight hasn't gone down or anything so the vet told me it's alright. However, i've noticed recently that he seems...
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    Cutting Calories?? + Microchip Bowl

    Last week, my cat didn't seem to have much of an appetite, turning his nose at his usual wet foods. Even sardine, which is his favourite, he had a "meh, give me if you want" attitude. I called up his vet, had a chat. She said that she felt that he was putting on a little too much weight (4.4 kg...
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    Possible To Introduce Second Cat This Way?

    I have been thinking of getting a second kitten, to give my current 10 month old kitten a companion, especially so in the coming years when i will be busier than i am now, where i am able to spend days with him. he's currently (seemingly) fine alone, he sleeps, he occasionally plays with his...
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    i have an upcoming vet appointment with a cat only vet for an ultrasound/xray for my cat's panting after very short play. my vet has given me a sedation pill (gabapentin 100mg) to give to my cat 2 hours before the appointment. she also mentioned that if he is struggling during the appointment...
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    Am I Doing Right? :(

    As mentioned in a few previous threads, i was previously feeding my 9 month old kitten on royal canin (as instructed by his breeder when i got him) However, after reading up and etc, i started to change his diet and am now currently feeding him feline natural + ziwipeak I recently talked to...