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    my mail

    HI EVERYBODY, this is for all who send me mail occasionally,Due to a computer change all my past mail got lost and before I bought a new compu my mail didn´t work for weeks SO I´d be really grateful if all those who´d love to stay in touch could send me a mail. Love Elisabeth
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    something to smile

    Hi everybody, I hope this will make you laugh as well. Last week I was sitting at our diningroom table having breakfast when my husband came downstairs. Instead of saying good morning I just said" Na" to find out how he was. His answer was" Mow" and he was absolutely serious about his answer and...
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    Hi everybody, you´ll probably be surprised to find something about music herethat is not related to cats.But I simply have to tell you that whenever you should get the chance of going to a concert given by I MUSICI DI ROMA YOU SHOULD GO: I went last Friday and it was the best concert I listened...
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    cat forgot to use the litterbox

    Hi everybody, one of our cats left her faeces on one of our blankets in the basement.We only found out yesterday because we use that room only for storage.Since the cat didn´t leave her initials we don´t even know who left the poop.everybody suspects it was the Maine Coon falling back to the...
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    skin problems

    A few days ago I read here something about the lethal effect of treetea oil on cats.Today I stumbled over an ad when Iwas looking at e-bay articles.So I sent the seller a note about the lethal danger to cats from that oil. Hopefully the person ´will believe me or at least look up on the net...
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    Hi everybody, Ihave been wondering about Pinsel´s behaviour. She had a fur mouse which desintegrated after a short time and now only the fur is left. She likes taking it around. In the evening, however, she starts whining and calling very loudly.If nobody answers she won´t stop. Usually I...
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    Bengals or Ocicats

    Hi everybody, this is just a general qustion. i ´d like to know about the experiences of geople who have Bengals or Ocicats.I mpondering the idea of getting a Bengal. Before Ido I´d like to get to know more about themnot from books but from people who live with them.Pinsel, my lovely Maine...
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    new member

    I thought I had introduced myself already. Well, here it is againI´m 56 and had a very bad stroke 2 years ago which left my left side paralysed.In June I flew to the States to visit my son who is working on his phD thesis and got erroneously deportedby INS: On that flight my neighbour was a...