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  1. IndyJones

    Royal Canin Food~Shortage Warning

    Unfortunately I have been hit by the shortage now as well. Have to substitute hills for Kabby. It's all that myvetstore has right now for kidney stones.
  2. IndyJones

    Does your cat cover their poop/pee?

    Neither of my cats bury. Kabby is a corner peer and creates a wet mess in one corner defeating the purpose of clumping litter. Indy used to bury but I think she has learned that it's perfectly fine to not from Kabby. She does still fling litter all over the front of the box though. Both boxes...
  3. IndyJones

    Plz help found stray cat hurt

    Many animals adapt to being tripods quickly and easily. Especially young ones. The younger they are the faster they bounce back. From what I see on the x-ray her upper leg bone has been snapped clean in half and dislocated from the knee. Amputation would probably be the most effective way to...
  4. IndyJones

    Yellowish Thing Underneath Cat's Skin??

    I would check with the vet. I think they would know better than anyone here what it is. Does it move around at all when gently pressed? Is it lumpy? Could be a botfly warble possibly. Please have a vet check it out or at least forward the photos to them and have a phone consultation.
  5. IndyJones

    A Hard decision

    Please don't rehome her if possible . Cats with behavior problems often are deemed "Unadoptable" and are euthanized. Age isn't on her side either as most people want kittens. If scratching is a problem try claw caps. They are advertised as a declawing alternative but could also protect your...
  6. IndyJones

    Check This Out.... Chart For Cat Food Ingredients

    Google changed something with drive recently that could have changed the privacy settings for the document. Security update for Google Drive - Google Drive Help I'm not sure if this is effecting the document or not or who owns the account. You will have to contact the owner of the document...
  7. IndyJones

    Does this kitten look strange?

    It's eyes almost look glazed over. Also possibly a runt. Runts aren't necessarily sickly but often have lifetime conditions that pop up. They often need a vigilant caretaker who understands medical needs. You need to be both financially and emotionally prepared for taking in runts or animals...
  8. IndyJones

    Anyone Here Free Feed Wet Food?

    It can stink up the house if you leave it out too long or attract ants/flies.
  9. IndyJones


    Any parasite could be harmful to baby. This is why pregnant women should not clean the litterbox. It's hard to tell without a picture but I assume this worm is visible to the naked eye? In any case a broad spectrum dewormer such as profender should help. But consult with your vet before...
  10. IndyJones


    Are you positive it is a worm and not string or a foreign object?
  11. IndyJones

    so I have a ghost cat... seriously

    My house being built in 1830's actually has a ghost tied to it. I believe she is not malevolent though. She has slammed doors and turned on appliances though (brand new dryer once turned on when nobody was near it.) I think she just wants us to know she is here. Supposedly there are love...
  12. IndyJones

    Cat restraint bags

    I personally don't think you should restrain or use a restraint device (which this is) without training on how to use it. I've seen both pets and people injured or even killed from improper restraint. My cats are excellent with claw trimming. I sit on the floor and sit them on my lap and just...
  13. IndyJones

    Sent 3 Cats for Lion Cut and They Came Back Like This. Normal?

    I would have a teddy bear cut instead next time. Teddy bear cut is not as close to the skin and these long hair cats have thinner skin. It looks very choppy as well like they tried to go backwards rather than one direction. Also probably painful.
  14. IndyJones

    Cat Exercise Wheels?

    Is this a hamster wheel for cats? I think my cats would hate it.
  15. IndyJones

    SOS: Colony of 50 in EXTREME DANGER in Tustin, CA (Orange County) NOW

    Instagram... that's why. Instagram is temperamental on my phone.
  16. IndyJones

    SOS: Colony of 50 in EXTREME DANGER in Tustin, CA (Orange County) NOW

    It doesn't load for me. It's a piece of paper with a torn corner.
  17. IndyJones

    Cat Pooping in Sink

    You might have to do some detective work. If he's not sick or constipated it's probably something in his environment that is upsetting. Do you have any stray animals or free ranging pets in your area? Could they be teasing him? Marking the property? Any major changes in the house? New baby...
  18. IndyJones

    Scat Mat?

    Shock collars and other shock devices are very controversial. I had a scat mat once to keep cats from scratching the couch but got rid of it after I accidentally stepped on it and shocked myself. I go barefoot in my house and it hurt. I've used the scat can before. It is a can of pressurized...
  19. IndyJones

    Fans that are Pet Safe

    Have you heard of Honeywell pedestal fans? I have one in my bedroom and it is quiet and powerful. It is about 5 feet high and can be adjusted up and down. Only thing my cats can reach is the cord but it is thick. It also has a breeze setting which is one of my favorite things about this fan. It...
  20. IndyJones

    Golf Course Kitty is a stray?

    It's hard to tell from your photo if she is pregnant or not because she is currled up. If you could get one of her stretched out and her nipples it might help.