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  1. lucho

    Pimenta and her stripes

    A short while back I posted here about finally managing to capture Pantera's "ghost tabby" markings in a photo. Now it's Pimenta's turn 😊 I've written before that Pimenta is a very good example of brazilian feral cats. History states that the Portuguese brought felis iberis with them to Brazil...
  2. lucho

    Unexpected problem (half kidding- read to find out)

    Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the middle of summer, with temperatures over 38°C (98°F) every day for the last month or so; New Year's day was over 100°F 🥵🥵 Pantera has not been enjoying this, she doesn't like hot weather. Like many people here, really Off and on we have given...
  3. lucho

    Finally got it, sort of

    It's a truism that black cats are hard to photograph. Pantera is no different, but sometimes I get lucky. Like many black cats, Pantera's coat tends to bleach out a bit during the summer like a surfer. It doesn't help that Rio de Janeiro only has two seasons, Hot and Hell. As a result, sometimes...
  4. lucho

    Who's a chatterer?

    There's not a whole lot of posts around here about chattering cats. Pantera does it, and it's funny to watch. Both of them only do it when there's birds to watch; we get rats, all kinds of bugs, and opossums, but only birds get the two girls chattering. (don't get me wrong: the look on...
  5. lucho

    Something a bit different: the neighbors

    Thought I'd post something a bit different, what with Pantera and Pimenta hogging up the bandwidth :p:p;) There are three cats living n front of my building. Technically strays, we and the neighbors take some care of them, leaving out food and water for them. In return, the three protect us...
  6. lucho

    New kid on the Block: Pimenta

    Most of you are quite familiar with the current diva Pantera, and her friend Pingo ; now, as of 9 days ago Pantera has a new friend. Pimenta was living with a small group of cats living on the property of a nearby school- I don't want to say ferals because they live off of the food...
  7. lucho

    Better late than never: Pingo

    Should have posted these photos before, but here we go. This is about Pingo, my mother-in-law's cat. She asked me to post this, since she's not really internet-saavy. Just like brazilians in general, Pingo knows how to turn on the charm. Here's his story from elsewhere on the internet...
  8. lucho

    Newcomer From Brazil

    Hello everybody! I just discovered this site. I created a gallery for my ( now not so little) little furbaby. Her name is Pantera; check out the gallery- Cantinho da Pantera, She's more interesting than I am