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  1. Maria Bayote

    A real downer

    Sending all my hugs and prayers your way. Hang in there.
  2. Maria Bayote


    Depending on my workload, but usually it would be twice a day. Although there are days that I do not log in at all especially when I am sick. I have been sickly these past several months. The first thing I check is the Cat Lounge.
  3. Maria Bayote

    Phoebe being fierce!

    Look at those ears! Such a beauty!
  4. Maria Bayote

    Hello From Ontariariario

    :welcomesign:to TCS! We are glad you are here!
  5. Maria Bayote

    My cat seems to be afraid to poop in a litter box

    One of my cats do not like to use a litterbox that has already poop or pee on it by the other house cats, so I usually scoop immediately after a cat does his/her thing even though they have multiple litter boxes. So it may also be a reason for your cat. I was about to suggest to try an open...
  6. Maria Bayote

    The Signs As Ghosts

    Even as a Virgo ghost, I'd still seem to have OCD. LOL.
  7. Maria Bayote

    Tribute to Tam-Tam

    Even though 3 years have passed, I am sure sadness still lingers. But I also bet he watches over you every day. :)
  8. Maria Bayote

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, September 21

    What comes after death. Even I cannot answer the question correctly.
  9. Maria Bayote

    RIP Bucky 2007 -2021

    I agree, he was a beautiful boy! Sincerely sorry for your loss. It always cuts through my heart reading posts like this. Hang in there.
  10. Maria Bayote

    Question of The Day. Sunday 19th of September.

    I prefer a large framed photo or painting of all my pets together that I can hang on my wall. If the giver is willing to splurge, I prefer 2-way air tickets (with accommodation) to anywhere in Europe. :biggrin:
  11. Maria Bayote

    One of my cats has passed away

    I am very sorry for your loss. We are here for you.
  12. Maria Bayote

    Bellatrix and Lizzy say hi.

    Such cuties! Welcome to you and your kitties!
  13. Maria Bayote

    Question of the day - Thursday 16 September

    I am late, as it was my bday last 16th. :) But I am between 2 and 7
  14. Maria Bayote

    For Molly, My Angery Little Cat

    I am very sorry for your loss. It always makes me cry when there are posts like this. Just the other day Bourbon and Graham were on the bed watching me get ready for work. I paused for a while and looked back at them and wonder, how in the world will I ever cope when one of them leaves? They...
  15. Maria Bayote

    Our dog had puppies this week!

    Awws, cuties! I love puppies! Congratulations!
  16. Maria Bayote

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, September 14

    Maybe gather some sticks and spell SOS using them. :biggrin:
  17. Maria Bayote

    What kind of cat would be good with small pets?

    if there is a separate room specially for the guinea pigs where the cat cannot be allowed inside then I think its ok. But I agree with the others, cats, even though have been house cats all their lives, still have their hunting instincts. I have 2 budgies I have placed on a location the cats...
  18. Maria Bayote


    I got home late that night from an overtime at work, turned on the TV in the living room as per my usual routine, and there I saw 2 buildings in smoke. I initially thought it was a movie. Then I saw a slow-mo replay. It was then I realized I was watching the news. My knees felt suddenly weak...