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    British Shorthair

    So my new foster kitty is a registered British Shorthair. Honestly though I dont think she is full blooded. I dont think she is for many reasons. 1. I know her breeder. And shes one of the worst BYB's Ive ever seen. Last year I had some of her OSH mixes. She said mom escaped and she didnt...
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    Hey everyone!

    Its been a very long time since I posted. I really missed TCS! Ariana is doing really well. She's a bad little girl. But I love her anyway! She's 13 months old now and weighs 23lbs. Pictures are below. Ive just recently started fostering again. I took a break trying to work with Calamity but...
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    Kitten season has hit us :(

    We had a slightly depressing week in our rescue. We finally got our first litter old enough to get adopted. They all found awesome homes but one a DLH orange boy. He wont have any trouble getting adopted. Anyways at our adoption event we had tons of people asking us to take more kittens. Since...
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    Guess Cubbie's breed?

    So with all the post about guessing breeds anyone want to guess Cubbie's we know what mom was and the dad of most of the litter was. But we think their might have been more then one dad involved. BTW no cheating I posted his breed mix in another post when I first got him.
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    There's something wrong with my answering machine

    My answering machine keeps blinking and saying answering machine is on and a few seconds later answering machine is off. Its been going on for about 15 minutes and I dont know why. I think its time for a new machine. You think? LOL
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    Impossible to live with

    Im having major problems with Calamity. She's gotten worse and worse the longer shes been here. Background she was a abondend cat that I trapped along with her 3 kittens. At first she was very sweet and loving towards me. Wanted to be with me always but hated every other living thing. So here...
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    I set them free

    In the house that is. Ive gained their trust enough that they will come right up to me when I open their cage. Lots of purring and rubbing on me. So tonight I decided to set them free in the downstairs bathroom. I just opened their door and left it opened. Walked out and left them for a few...
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    I lost my sweet Sundance

    Sunday I helped Sundance go over to rainbow bridge. He went off his food again on the 31st and this time nothing we could do would get him to eat. The vet said the best thing to do would be let him go. That he would most likely continue to go on and off his food his whole life. He had gotten so...
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    Adoption fees?

    First off Im not sure if this is the right forum or not. If not please switch it over to whatever one it belongs to. Ok the question. What do you feel is a fair adoption fee? For dogs and cats? Do you think a rescue/shelter should have special rates for senior citizens, adopting pairs, special...
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    I might be getting a dog

    So the foster cordinator just emailed and asked if I was still interested in fostering a special needs dog. I emailed back that I was but it depends on the problem. So she emails me back about a 13 month old Black and tan coonhound/shar pei mix. He's been in he rescue since he was 8 weeks old...
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    I feel sick

    Ive been feeling awful since last week. Im really bloated, crampy and just plain sick. Ive thrown up several times. I think Im going to have to go to the doctors again. This will be the sixth time in 2 months. BTW I know its not my period because I had it 2 weeks ago. I need someone to feel...
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    Two Feral Fo sters need advice

    So I got two new fosters yesterday. Firefly is a torbie and Beetle is a red tabby and white. Firefly is IMO totaly feral. She flies at the side of her cage to attack me. Beetle has let me touch him threw the cage and even enjoyed some ear scratches from me. Back story on these guys. They were...
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    The White Boys got adopted!

    So Montana and Dakota got adopted last night. Together. Im so happy. They are going to be spoiled rotten!
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    Tennessee got adopted and......

    My Tennie boy got adopted Saturday by a family with two kids. A boy who was 5 and a girl who was 3. They were really cute with him and he was playing "catch" with a crinkle ball with the little boy. They listened to us and chose an older kitten because he is awesome with kids and is really...
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    Not eating

    My 8 month old kitten Sundance is off his food again. So far he hasnt eaten for 15 hours. He's now at the vets to make sure he stays hydrated and stuff. This is the third time hes gone off his food in about 3 months. I dont know why and the vets also cant figure it out. Weve done x-rays, blood...
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    New Ari pics!

    Ari is now 8 months old. She'll be 9 months on the 11th. My baby girls growing up! She's crawling, eating food, learning to say words, cruising on furniture, standing for a couple seconds without holding on to anything and is just into everything! She's a little goofball and loves to make me laugh.
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    Kane big boy picture (one of Skyes babies)

    Kane is one of Skye's kittens. My sister fell in love with his baby pictures that I sent her and she drove all the way done from Shawnee KS to adopt him. So though I dont get to see him in person I get pictures all the time. Im not sure if anyone remembers Skye's kittens. But they are the ones...
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    Cookie and KoKo got [email protected]

    Cookie and KoKo got adopted saturday. Hopefully this time Cookie sticks. I think it will because shes the kind of cat that fits into any home. It seems like a much better fit this time and we havnt heard from them so everything looks good. KoKo spent the whole time hissing at his new family...
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    Jersey and Holly got adopted!

    Three of my foster kittens got adopted sunday! Poor Cookie was returned because the people were convinced that she was in heat! Ummm yeah shes been fixed since she was 9 weeks and shes 6 months now! Anyways Holly was adopted by a family with two youngish kids. She did really well with them...
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    Im lonely

    Its thanksgiving and Im all alone. Ari is still sleeping and the kitties are too. Im alone by myself and have nothing to do. I have no friends here. I wish I was with my family.