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  1. losna

    Does Anyone Else have a Cat that Loves Sleeping on Vents?

    We call our vents the Belit butt warmers, because she folds herself into a rectangle shape to fit as much of her body on the vent's surface as possible. She sleeps with us at night, but the moment we get out of bed she goes straight to the vent.
  2. losna

    Cats hate the new furniture changes - I think?

    Yeha it's very short indeed! But it is a great tool to have in your arsenal if need be. We have two "layouts" for our furniture and whenever there is a major kerfluffle between our kitties, we switch between them. But that might be too stressful a tactic if your cats are on the more anxious side.
  3. losna

    Cats hate the new furniture changes - I think?

    Our vet told us that moving furniture causes cats to "reset" their territory. Every time we move ours we can see them go through their territory claiming/battling again. It can be very stressful for cats, especially if you've paired it with an unusually high level of people in your home. You've...
  4. losna

    My Cat Slices Himself Open :(

    This is a long shot, but maybe see if raw goat's milk will help. One of my cats has a whole series of health issues from advanced kidney disease to skin ailments to digestive problems, and she went from vomiting multiple times a day and having oily scraggly fur with loads of dandruff and bald...
  5. losna

    Cat Walks Across My Pillow

    It depends on the cat though. Mine LOVE sticky tape. We have to hide the fur removal rollers because they kept peeling them to play with the sticky paper. :lol:
  6. losna

    Cat Walks Across My Pillow

    I will second the play and feed before bed suggestion. One of our cats used to climb up the bookshelf and then jump on my head at night, and another would caterwaul announcing his successful hunt and capture of his toys at night. But when we started playing, then feeding, then going to bed they...
  7. losna

    What Silly Things Do You Do With Your Cat?

    Silliest thing is my husband. He chews on Sinbad's ears and bites his head. It is the funniest thing in the world, they'll just sit on the couch trading chews and bites, with Sinbad rumbling purrs and drooling in delight.
  8. losna

    Well-read Cats

    Sinbad tries to learn via osmosis.
  9. losna

    Waiting For A Cat

    I will add my vote for not getting a kitten. Go to a shelter and ask for an adult cat that is good with babies and explain your situation. You will 100% wind up with a better personality and behavior fit.
  10. losna

    Complaints From Downstairs Neighbor

    I also wonder if you're sure it's YOU that is making the noises she's responding to. We ended up moving because of this, but we once had a downstairs neighbor who was constantly complaining about our noise. We laid down sound proof padding and everything. We asked our landlord to require this...
  11. losna

    My Cat Became Unwell After Annual Shots

    Yeah, we told the medics it wasn't the cat attacking, they got into a fight and my husband put his bare hand between them. Of COURSE he got clawed. But nooooooooo. They had to go and put a black mark on Sinbad's record. Sinbad is a siamese too
  12. losna

    My Cat Became Unwell After Annual Shots

    Yeah, we didn't tell them for years because our cats were all indoor cats and thought it was stupid. Sadly that came to an end when Sinbad and Tempest got into a tousle on top of my husband and he ended up needing to go to ER. The medics marked it down as a cat attack on a human, and... yeah it...
  13. losna

    My Cat Became Unwell After Annual Shots

    Yeah, it makes him really sick, poor little guy. Our vet is really great, she goes to battle against our town every year on his behalf. They want rabies shots every year and don't accept titers. Every year when it's time for licensing renewals (our town requires special permits to have 3 or...
  14. losna

    My Cat Became Unwell After Annual Shots

    I don't see why not, but ask your vet. I can only tell you what happens in regards to my cats, not about the titers in general. Here's some info if you want to do some reading before you can talk to your vet: All You Need to Know About A Titer Test for Dogs and Cats | CertaPet
  15. losna

    My Cat Became Unwell After Annual Shots

    Sinbad gets horribly ill after his shots, and spends 3-5 days shaking, unable to eat and miserable. The vet told me this is not exactly normal, but not uncommon. I just spend time with him, and feed him very watered down food for him to lick up as he can. Now she does what they call titers, to...
  16. losna

    New Cat From Shelter

    Is there anywhere you can keep him that is smaller? When we adopted Belit, we kept her in the bathroom for about a week because she was so nervous and scared. Her litterbox was in there, I kept her water bowl filled, brought her food at meal times, and spent time in there with her every day...
  17. losna

    What does it mean if my cat's tail is vibrating?

    Sinbad does this when I look at him and say his name. He sort of shivers, his ears pop up, his tail shoots into the air, vibrates and becomes SUPER PUFFY. Often he'll trill/chirp too.
  18. losna

    Weird Things Your Pets Love To Eat.

    Sinbad loves coconuts. He comes begging every time I make coconut milk ice cream, or pull out the coconut oil for baking. The vet says it's fine for him to have little spoonfuls of each of these, so I use them as occasional treats.
  19. losna

    Is It Normal For A Cat To Be Still Scared Of Fireworks 30-40 Minutes After They Went Off?

    Yeah, I hate the 4th of July for this reason, it scares all 3 of my cats, and there is nothing to be done about it. We don't go out for the fireworks, and stay home to comfort them as best we can. They remain jumpy for a day or two. Except Belit. A few belly rubs and she forgets everything as...
  20. losna

    Action Shots ( Post Them Here! )

    She is a little darling. And I swear she flies. Or teleports. We've actually seen her do something that looks like a video game double jump. Here is Sinbad sliding across the floor to catch a wand I was playing with him with: 11886181_695546037216916_7032326378536415761_o.jpg by losna posted...