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    Forza10 RENAL Actiwet Kidney ckd non-prescription food w/ Lamb?

    Anyone try it? In 2 wks it has lowered Creatinine from 3.6 to 2.6. BUN from 65 to 50. Upped RBCs a bit. Upped WBCs 20%. So seems to work along w/ other kidney supps, capsule & crushed up pills. This all on an FiV positive cat w/ early to mid stage ckd & unknown age as he's a streets rescue.
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    Covenia, Cerenia & Clavamox - are all safe for use??

    Hi all, we've been traveling cross USA w/ our 2 cats. The FiV boy cat has had to get Sub-Q'd 3x in 6 months now, as he's got some CKD & dilute urine. He was also found to have a slight murmer & then an arrythmia. This 2nd finding, worries Sub-Q vets, as too much fluid can cause Congestive Heart...
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    Interferon, Sub-Q & Arrthymia in FiV cat?

    Hi, Our boy was given a SubQ fluids, 2x on our long drive & then was found by 2nd vet to have slight murmer & "funky heart beat" aka arrythmia. Vet limited SubQ then to 100ml only as not to risk congestive heart fail. I got his Interferon Alpha B2 yesterday but called 1st vet (who scripted it a...
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    Fiv cat; supplements, Interferon Alpha, other clinical trials?

    Hi All! Spoke to UC Davis Vet school today re our Fiv pos. cat (they 1st discovered Fiv in a cat yrs ago). They advised me getting my old vet that 1st treated/diagnosed him to call UC Davis & get a vet to vet consult on his present FiV from UC Davis's vets in Cali now. :( So Interferon Alpha is...
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    Traeting FiV w/ FiP Thirsty Fountains protocol?

    This is a desperate long shot but I see Fiv & FiP share many things. Both have non-regenerative anemia & WBC counts lowered drastically. If these can be boosted in our FiV cat or other FiV cats this'd be for sure a valiant attempt to treat fiV similar symptoms & those thaT cause MUCH of the...
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    Both our cat's not so good results of new vet's bld work

    Cat 1. has elevated 3.3 creatinine & slight high BUN. Vet thinks early CKD. She's unknown yrs & he thinks older than the 13 we think, upwards of 16 or so. Began Royal Canin kidney diet tonite but what do you all think? She has drank & urinated more over past few months but we did make a huge...
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    Kidney Health & Beef Tripe vs Grassfed Ground beef?

    I think I saw that Tripe is ok for kidney cats? But not sure about Grassfed Ground Beef? Anyone know the difference re these & kidney Health?
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    Lack of exercise/cardio workouts & kidney values going up?

    2 questions: His feral life ended this summer as he was caught & we made him indoor only for his safety. He is anywhere from 5ish-8ish yrs old, no one knows? Now tho he only sleeps alot (w/ a tiny, sometimes, wheeze) & pees/poos/eats ok, & walks a bit then lies down to bed again. I play string...
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    Lethargy but eating/drinking weakness, lack of much movement?

    We drove across country in Uhaul & w/ our 2 cats. The FiV pos. one seemed bad in motel last few wks. So on last Thur. took him to an all-cat vet while driving USA. They bld tested him (1st time since 12/'19). His creatinine is up from 2.4 then to 2.8 now. His SDMA kidney marker test is up too...
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    He lightly snores--but he's from arid climate now to humid living-- is it normal?

    He snores lighty as this snore isn't noticeable really but dont wanna gabapentin him to get in carrier-- tax his organs/kidney/liver or should i just watch & wait but unsure if this is anything? I setup a vet check this wk for this Monday coming. But i'd need to Gabapentin him to get to vet...
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    Vomiting/cry/yowls w/ IBD & inflammed jejunum?

    Ok I got this idea from another cat forum where a person has a girl cat of 11yo that has this inflammation. My 12-13yo girl does same w/ the yowl/cry & vomits maybe once or 2x/wk. I will keep eye on this. Her bloodwork in May was normal. Nothing major going on just aging, said vet. Anyone know...
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    Trouble standing to eat or weakness in legs/atrophy?

    My former outdoor now indoor doesn't move around as much as the past since 3 months ago. Could this be leg muscle atrpophy from not being outdoors & moving, jumping, etc. much? He seems weak & lethargic. he is Fiv pos. & has a gene SDMA test marker for early CKD. Unknown his age as he was on the...
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    Cat had tiny piece of both Ativan & Xanax about 22 hrs ago, still trouble standing/walking?

    I know the effects should all wear off I hope, but I had give my cat these in wet food last nite in a 'flooding in the apt emergency' to move him out of the room overnite. He is back now & was in carrier from last nite til morn but now can't walk right yet. He still drags his back legs. Can I do...
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    Cryptorchid in male cat?

    I thought I'd ask all here if anyone can clarify this? My vet saw our feral in July & he was neutered part 1 in 12/19, but we thought he need a 2nd teste removed as it was still up in abs, thought the vet. It turns out he only had one teste period from birth, & this is very rare she said in the...
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    Depression in a 5 yo prior outdoor cat now only inside?

    He seems lethargic & sad. He sleeps lot. Unsure, if he slept this much prior to (about 2months almost, ago) when we caught him & flew him across US to his forever family, us. I worry as I've never yet been able to get close enough daily when feeding or spending time in his room w/ him to attempt...
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    Dark shiny loose stool after eating ground turkey?

    I gave him some ground all-natural turkey as a treat post-meal Mon. nite. He pooped awhile later & it was diarrhea like & kind of dark & wet. It also had a foul kind of smell to it. Still wet poop Tues. too. I threw the turkey all away Mon. nite. I wonder if it was bad? So, he hasn't pooped yet...
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    Direct trajectory to devices of Wifi signal & cat health?

    Ok, paranoia ? #2 today. But our new indoor cat sits/lays in a room where a signal must come thru to get to the devices/ my pc/laptop, etc. I will limit online time til I find out. The router to device basically goes thru his area where he prefers to lay/sits/sleep, & being new to us, he is...
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    Snorting & wheezing after move from arid to humidity?

    Hi, my cat seems to make loud snorts, grunts, etc. as he eats/drinks. Also some nites a wheeze as he lays/sleeps. Wondering (since he's FiV pos.) could the possible URI he's fought a longtime be causing it here in humidity? I hope he's not laboring breathing. Unsure tho re this, as he eats &...
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    Here's our feral from s. AZ to now s. WV in his OWN bedroom!

    His name is Blackie. He is a rough looking Tom neuteured since Dec. 2019. he has his own 1 bedroom hardwood floor, cat-proof room w/ his litter box & water, & I feed him 3x/day or so. I am in a sleeping bag w/ him in his room, all while he sleeps in his closet in this room, as we have been...
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    Some feral trap probs

    Ok, real quick, I only have a wk or so left to get him. Yesterday at 3pm, I put roast chick in 3/4 way into the safe trap. He went in & ate it! OMG!!! But... I only put it 'almost' to the spring bar thus he didn't trap himself.:( My fault as had no idea he was this chancey/desensitized. So, I...