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  1. carebearbaby1

    Goodbye my sweet Lilly

    I had to say goodbye to my sweet, beautiful girl Lilly a few weeks ago. She'd been battling lung cancer and the meds weren't helping anymore. I adopted her from the shelter when she was a half grown kitten and loved her for 14 years.
  2. carebearbaby1

    My baby needs surgery that I can't afford

    My cat was injured and needs surgery on his foot or I may have to amputate his leg. His bladder blocked again because of the stress from the long car ride and splinting. I don't know if this is allowed to be posted here and even if you can't help, please share the link on your social media. I've...
  3. carebearbaby1

    Groot's nightly cuddles

    My silly boy Groot snore/purring while he holds onto my shirt. He does this every night while we cuddle on the couch.
  4. carebearbaby1

    New kitty tower!

    My babies' new tower finally came in today! I ordered it on pre-order in May. They love it and it'll be big enough and sturdy enough for my Maine Coon when he's full grown. We put the dog in the hammock to test the weight limit. It held up great, but she was not amused.
  5. carebearbaby1

    My new baby Stevie

    Hi everyone, I've been gone quite a while, but I wanted to show off my new baby Stevie! He's a silver tabby Maine Coon. I've had him for 2.5 months and he's 4.5 months old. I just took him to the vet for his rabies vaccine and he currently weighs 7lbs 8oz, up from 3lbs 3oz when I got him...
  6. carebearbaby1

    There's A Moth In The Kitchen

    Maddie and Groot are excited about the moth flying around the kitchen.
  7. carebearbaby1

    Found Kittens

    I found this litter of 5 Wednesday afternoon. Their mother is a feral that lives near where I work. There is a very busy intersection near by and I couldn't let these babies stay in danger. Meet Tiny, Princess Katherine, Felix, Blackie Half-tail, and Stripes. Princess Katherine and Felix are...
  8. carebearbaby1

    Cute Picture Of My Dog

    Took a cute picture of my dog and had to share it. Why isn't there a great site like this for dogs?
  9. carebearbaby1

    Happy Birthday Sky

    Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy 11th Birthday to my dog Sky. She's not a cat but she might as well be.
  10. carebearbaby1

    The Kiss

  11. carebearbaby1

    Kitty Double Take

    Sammy and Groot
  12. carebearbaby1

    Madeline & Groot

    Madeline and Groot are 9 weeks old this weekend.
  13. carebearbaby1

    Meet Miss Madeline

    Last Saturday my sister rescued this little cutie and her brother from under her boyfriend's house. The mother, a friendly local stay, hasn't been seen for several days and the babies were screaming for food. She found Madeline first and texted me her picture. I've bottle raised four of my other...
  14. carebearbaby1

    My sweet Matteo

    Had to say good bye to my sweet boy Matteo this morning. He was sick 6 of the 7 months I had him, but I still wasn't ready. March 21st would have been his first birthday. I'll miss you my little Teo. I'm sorry I couldn't make you well.
  15. carebearbaby1

    Teo meets a pretzel

    Hey Teo, want a pretzel? Maybe, lemme smell it first. * * * *
  16. carebearbaby1

    Very picky Himmie kitten

    I have a nearly 8 month old Himalayan kitten who's very picky about food. He'll eat a new food for a day or two and then decide he didn't like it. He just ate a dried apple chip while ignoring his dinner. I've tried 4Health Grain Free, Purina Kitten Chow, Purina Beyond Salmon and now Science...
  17. carebearbaby1

    It's A Boy!!!

    I'd like to introduce my newest boy, Matteo! He's a four and a half month old flame point Himalayan. He's been home for 2 days and is such a sweetheart. His previous owner's boyfriend was allergic and after shaving him didn't help she decided to re-home him. *I accidentally posted this in Cat...
  18. carebearbaby1

    It's A Boy!!!

    I'd like to introduce my newest baby, Matteo! He's been home for 2 days and is already a sweetheart. He's a four and a half month old flame point Himalayan. His previous owner's boyfriend is allergic and after shaving him didn't help she rehomed him.
  19. carebearbaby1

    Tiny Kittens!!

    My mom took in a pregnant stay last week and the next day she had 4 adorable little kittens. Day 1 inside Day 2: Kittens!!! Day 4: 2 days old! One Week Old!
  20. carebearbaby1

    Pregnant Stray

    This pregnant stray showed up at my mom's house the other night. She said she's seen her roaming out in the fields behind the house before, but the other day she got up on her porch and refused to leave. She brought her in and set her up in the spare bedroom. She says she's drinking excessively...