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  1. halfpint

    Has anyone taken the Boniva infusion

    I am looking for experiences with this drug for Osteoporosis. I am just before getting it done and I am not liking some of the things I read...Thanks in advance if anyone has had it or knows someone that has
  2. halfpint

    2 new Kitties

    Hi Everyone I haven't been on much but I got a couple of new Kitty kats thought I would share First off there Gabby stupid neighbors moved and left him so me being the sucka I am thought let me feed him and he was not neutered so I took him had him fixed 2 weeks later he was very sick took him...
  3. halfpint

    A couple of new pictures of my Great Grandbaby

    She's growing like a weed almost 17 pounds now, My Daughter says she yells when she wants attention I wonder where she got the big mouth She getting so cute to, My granddaughter said she doesn't hardly ever cry, she's already trying to scoot around and pull herself.. She's such a doll...
  4. halfpint

    Happy New Year to everyone

    Happy New Year to everyone
  5. halfpint

    OMG I got pictures of My Great Grandbaby

    I finally got to see her she is absolutely adorable What a sweetie she is Looks like a combo of Mom and Daddy She is 2 months old now I finally got to see her She is just so Sweet
  6. halfpint

    Yep Snow in Southern California

    Oh yes it does Snow in Southern California, at least in the Mountians and its cold here to were wimps This one is from this morning from my bedroom window, its down much lower today
  7. halfpint

    Zazzy looks pretty pitiful

    She always looks like she's in a trance She such a Sweet baby though Mom what are you doing? Oh well good luck with that I think I need a Hug It's ok if your to busy Awww Never to busy pretty girl
  8. halfpint

    The dreaded Moose singing & rocking

    I am not falling for this Oh yeah they think I am stoopied I got this moose year before last hoping it would keep them away from the tree, so I got it out this morning thinking maybe beings that there older they may not feel the same Ha, Maybe they won't bother the tree, they all took off like...
  9. halfpint

    Miss Cammie

    Miss Cammie lounging on my Bed looking pretty Lovely
  10. halfpint

    Another Update on my daughter

    I feel like a fibber Well what I will say is never accept information from someone on Morphine She was so confused I should have known better. Dr says they are going to do a petscan not what I put on there yesterday, and the reason they didn't do the angioplasty is because it wasn't bad...
  11. halfpint

    Update on my Daughter

    It appears as if she will be having Open Heart Surgery within the next week They couldn't do anything this morning he said the blockage is to bad.They are doing some kind of test called MUGA that can see the blood going through the arteries, not sure exactly when yet. I know they can do so...
  12. halfpint

    Vibes needed for My Daughter

    I need to ask for vibes from you all for my oldest Daughter My Oldest Daughter is in the Hospital she had a Heart Attack and is going to have to have Angioplasty on Monday they are also concerned she may have something wrong with one of the Valves and will check that to. I hope she doesn't have...
  13. halfpint

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    I hope everyone has a Great Thanksgivng Be safe and eat lots
  14. halfpint

    New Picture of my Great Grandaughter

    OMG I can't believe how big she looks at a month old Wow
  15. halfpint

    OMG [email protected] Zazzy

    We had a plastic owl on the roof and DH was cleaning the windows upstairs so he brought it in to be washed, it's supposed to keep the pigeons away It doesn't Zazzy saw it and the hair stood up on her whole body even her cheeks I am so glad I got the camera What the heck is that thing Oh...
  16. halfpint

    Oh Miss Cammie

    We were taking pictures at 1:00 Am, she now is back up to 10 pounds and doing so good
  17. halfpint

    MiniMan lol I can only get 1 at a time

    2 Down 4 to go MiniMan is such a funny face What do you want now I'm trying to sleep here Knock it off now Ok good night
  18. halfpint

    The Dunkin

    No one else was to be seen, they were off sleeping I don't he even knew I took them You have to Love this face hes such a good boy Close up he didn't move
  19. halfpint

    My Mickey

    I always found it hard to read this forum and dreaded the day it would be me posting, We had to have Mickey PTS today because I could no longer stand to see him struggling with the the Kidney disease and renal failure. I remember when we got him he was 9 years old DH got him from the shelter in...
  20. halfpint

    Just 2 more pictures of the Baby lol

    Ok 2 more pictures and I'll quit Chubby face Brooke My Grandaughter said she must have been thinking in this one