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  1. therese

    My Lola Has Mammary Cancer

    Hi Guys... I don't usually open new threads but I felt that I needed to do this...There is no where else I can go to talk to kind, empathetic cat lovers who have been to hell and back for their cats and will understand my situation.   And I want to add up front that none of these decisions I...
  2. therese

    Need Follow-Up Info on Radioiodine ( radio-iodine? ) I-131 Treatment for Hyperthyroid

    Hi Guys ! I am new to this great board.  I have a kitty ( the one in my avatar, Lola ) that has been doing great on Tapazole ( Methimazole ) for Hyperthyroid for six years.  She is now ten, no other health problems. She is very easy to pill, we get her blood work done every six months.  The...