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  1. StefanZ

    What is this cat? Prob purebred. Seen in my village!

    This cat was seen in my village. What it may be for a breed? Bengal? some of the new created breeds...
  2. StefanZ

    L-lysine = which virus? Corona??

    L- lysine is supposed to help against some viruses, but not all. Which viruses does it potentially help against? Corona?
  3. StefanZ

    A Yule-saga: The origins of Russian Blue cats!

    Here is the story of the beginning of Russian Blues. Every detail is trustworthy and just so, I know this for sure. After all, I did wrote it myself, didnt I? :) "The russian blue cat as the saga tells it - the beginning Once upon a time there was a peasant family of small farmers...
  4. StefanZ

    Woman Tries To Rescue A Car Hit Bobcat - Takes Risks... Many Thoughts!

    I have read about a woman in Colorado USA whom the other day tried to rescue a car hit bobcat laying on the road. She stopped her suv with her infant boy in backseat. She took pity on it. Took out a blanket, wrapped the animal into blanket, carried it to her car, laid down in the backseat near...
  5. StefanZ

    Canagan Dry - Very High Calcium - Phosphor Ratio

    Is there the brand of dry food Canagan in your country? A good brand of dry food, not really as good as the very best, but above average. I have discovered some of their flavours have a very high ratio between Calcium and Phosphor. Thus being a good source of extra calcium if your cat needs...
  6. StefanZ

    To Disguise Traps For Trap-savvy Cats: Paper Sacks Or Cardboard Box

    I got this tip on Facebook, which I think is a good idea to try with trap savvy cats: Prince Edward County Pet Food Bank 11 april kl. 20:42 · Trapper tip! If you seem to be having trouble trapping a cat that won’t go near a trap, try disguising it by placing it in a paper sack or even inside...
  7. StefanZ

    Ideas For Museum - Exhibition To Do - Any Museum-people Here??

    While having a temporary job at my local museum, we had a brainstorming about future programs and exhibitions to do. I got there and then some ideas in a flash, and got even some support. Ideas which I had after it developed some more. But Im just a temporary hire, so the ideas got down into...
  8. StefanZ

    Danil Pluzhnikov. Ukraina's Kids Voice

    Behold and Hear. For example on Youtube. Respect. Ave.
  9. StefanZ

    Companion Cat To A Stud?

    What are your experiences about a friend and companion to a stud? Whom to try and pick up, if we can choose? Lets say, the stud is a friendly family cat, and lets suppose he is normally friendly to other cats. I presume the safest combo would be a neutered male cat, whom isnt not competing...
  10. StefanZ

    Resolved Some Smaller Problems

    a) my name is in small letters: stefanz instead of normal spelling, StefanZ b) Im now a wellknown forum member, which is true, but it seems its not visible Im also an Advisor. c) It seems there are fever posts - about 400 less, and fever purraises, about 30 less. Which hints some posts...
  11. StefanZ

    Can cats become saints? Or Why pray to cats?

    My big eyeopener was the hospital cat Oscar.  If you don’t know the story, google on it.  I will perhaps write next post about him and some other cats. But in short. He was working in a hospital for senile dement patients. He was (is) not very friendly.  But he felt whom was dying, even when...
  12. StefanZ

    Muskis is no more... A day of sorrow here..

    Jamusjkin "Muskis" went on today.  A sudden failure of kidneys took him. Nothing to do, although we drove to the best vet clinic in the county..  The only possible to do was just to give the last shots to end his pains. Jamuskin lived good and well in 14 years.  Sick  for real just that last...
  13. StefanZ

    Georgia Yamse - the cat from the US state of Georgia?

    One forumist got a cat which was supposed to be a Georgian Yamse - unknown to both the poster and me, but I suppose it refers to a local breed of cats in Georgia, USA - probably not the  Georgia near Caucasus... Can anyone confirm and tell more...
  14. StefanZ

    Hogwards Fanzine: A Malfoy in Hufflepuff!

    A Malfoy and her cat - her first hour in Hogwarts. ”Malfoy  Luciferra!”!  A slim and lithe and yet muscled girl went forward and put the Sorting Hat on her. The Hat was quiet an unusually long moment. But so  at last  it shouted: “Hufflepuff!”  The girl, visibly bewildered, began to go forward...
  15. StefanZ

    Basic probiotic. Greek youghurt Fage

    As many knows, a plain, unsweetened full fat youghurt is not only OK both for cats and people, but can also work as a basic probiotic. And if such youghurt contains added Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria, this is quite a decent probiotic. One of our forumists living in NCarolina, USA, tells...
  16. StefanZ

    Cat statue with a cobra snake on chest and between the legs

    There is one such at the swedish E-bay.  The cat statue is quite nice and I can imagine to buy it, but what is that with cobra all about?   I dont want to bring into my house anything disgusting... I saw on the international E-bay there is one example of something similiar. What legend, or...
  17. StefanZ

    Tricks to get cats to avoid your garden and your house?

    Like said above.   We cat people are eager to discuss, how to get shy cats to come to us. But the opposite?   Like one of my neigbours asked me:  " I like to have out veranda door open, but  neigbours straying cats cats come in, and even lays on the sofas and beds.  We dont want it so, some in...
  18. StefanZ

    Anal glands and deworming as home remedy

    My ex-neigbour told me again today about her cats.   One of them had recurring problems with  infections in anal glands.   The emptying and antibiotics costing her 100 dollars each time.   After a while her vet told her "try and deworm your cat, no quarantee but it may help - try and see!" And...
  19. StefanZ

    How to switch from dry to wet, with picky cats?

    I want advices and tips on how to switch cats who refuse to eat wet, from dry to wet?? As it is now, I try to give these my residents high end dry, as the least bad.  Orijen, Nutro Gold are a couple of examples. They eat meat sometimes, and sometimes tuna both for humans and for cats. But I...
  20. StefanZ

    Extra Zinc?

    Folks, if a cat or kittens needs extra zinc, where can we find it easiest? Im currently reading on about home made pedialyte as for use while in diarrhea. It MAY be so the dosages in my receipt are somewhat too low...  Im trying to compare with recommendations for humans. But. I see in the...