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    Cat has digestive distress

    :wave3: The first time he went, it might have been a harder than normal stool that he had to work at to pass and not quite to the point of true constipation. Miralax is gentle but it will move things along, and if he wasn't very constipated to begin with I bet the miralax just made things move...
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    Cat Got Hit by a Car.

    I am so sorry this happened. I'm wondering if when he got hit and rolled, if something wasn't bruised or even crushed in or around his chest cavity that the naked eye (hand) couldn't see or feel that caused something to go wrong. We've had this happen before, something was missed on an exam...
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    A Taco Bell Incident....

    If it comes out watery or vomit, I'd call the vet just to be safe. If it comes out Taco Grande, I'd call the pet store and consider investing in an XL litter scoop. If it comes out a Quesadilla, I'd call Ripley's. ;) I bet they'll be fine, but they might look green for a day or two. Just use...
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    My 17yo Going On 18 Geriatric Male Cat Losing Muscle,body Mass. Anything To Slow It Down?

    I would ask the vet to have a look at his blood work from just this past week, as well as his older blood work from a year (or more, if possible) ago to see if you notice any kind of pattern. Occasionally, if the numbers of something are rising or falling but are still in the normal ranges...
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    My 17yo Going On 18 Geriatric Male Cat Losing Muscle,body Mass. Anything To Slow It Down?

    :wave3: I agree, lucky kiddo @RainBoots ! When he is walking around or standing, does he walk or stand on his hocks? When the vet examined him did they do any blood work? I would try the supplements to see if they help him get some strength back.
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    The dog needs to go

    :wave3: Unfortunately, my first thought is it depends on who owns the home you all live in is the one who decides what happens with the dog. Secondly, I would suggest talking with a very experienced trainer (no Pet-store trainers, people who are experienced in training and handling dogs of all...
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    National Pizza week

    I've been celebrating for an entire month now ;)
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    What's For Dinner? - 2020

    @LTS3 if I fell off the hood of your car once, I can always do it again :lol:
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    My cat had a seizure last night

    If she just got shots (did she have "All her shots" in one trip?) and had a seizure shortly after, I would tell (not ask) your vet that from now on, single vaccinations are to be done, spaced out, so if this should ever happen again you'll be able to tell exactly what shot did what (if anything)...
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    Adding calories to raw

    Queen Bee was losing some weight, so we started giving her a lunch (3 meals vs. 2 per day). She also trained us to give her some treats at night, but that's a different story. After about 2 weeks, she had gained almost a pound, and is looking a bit meatier. I would probably start adding that...
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    So Incredibly Stubborn!

    :hellocomputer:Is she a dog who naturally likes to pick up random objects? If you throw a toy or a stick, does she immediately go after it or ignore it? If she goes after it, does she pick it up on her own? If she likes to carry things around, she could learn to pick up things you drop, such...
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    You all will get tired of my Jackson Galaxy questions

    How many doses have you given?
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    Lofty thoughts on DIY sifting Iitterbox?

    @IronHippo, we couldn't figure out a way to do what you were talking about so we did something else. We're using an old box with the bottom flaps trimmed back about halfway with a measured grate at the bottom of the box to fit tightly. (The grate holes measure about 1/8 inch). We put the box...
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    Post Your Best "groaner" Joke

    A guy was building a new kitchen and hired a contractor to help him. When the man saw his bill was lower than he'd anticipated, he asked the contractor what brand of cabinets he had ordered. The contractor thought for a few minutes, and said "it' know, it's from a small Scandinavian...
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    Another Peacemaker by Jackson Galaxy Question

    Is he sleepy-relaxed, or completely unresponsive? He might be "too" relaxed by it.
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    Hello! A little story about us.

    :hellosmiley: The above is no rambling, my friend! This is a perfect example of how they can choose us before we realize we've chosen them. There are a lot of discussions here about feline asthma. We have an asthmatic cat ourselves, and the inhaler has been one of the best things (to control...
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    post funny picture and memes here

    Doctor: "You have 6 broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a ruptured hernia. What the hell did you do?" Me: "I was reading the funny cat picture thread on TCS......" :lol: :lol: :lol: This stuff is outstanding, thank you all for so many laughs!
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    A purple table?

    If you paint it and hate it, it can be painted over. I'd go for it :wave3:
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    tree in the kitchen?

    If he likes it, maybe make it inviting with a bed to encourage him to lay there, and not on the other places in the kitchen, and he may break the habit himself for his "own" spot :wave3: