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  1. firefly*21

    Grumpy..Quilling..Snowball ~what will I do?

    Snowball is still quilling and as grumpy as ever. -rolleyes- I tried to get some recent pics for you all, but she just would not coroperate. Here's the best I got out of her for the time being... Top quill shot...spikey :] She just doesn't want to come out for you Part of a...
  2. firefly*21


    It's cute, it's full of kittens and it's taking the net by storm. Oh, it's called, but don't let that put you off.
  3. firefly*21

    My uncle's cat was shot with an Arrow!!

    My uncle's cat Feebe got shot with an arrow today! It went right through her chest and came out near her rearend. My uncle said the tip looked as if it had been cut someone was trying to hide it. Amazingly she is still alive and just woke up from surgery later this evening. He said...
  4. firefly*21

    This could save your life..

    Fowarded email... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Because of recent abductions in daylight hours, refresh yourself of these things to do in an emergency situation... This is for you, and for you to share with your wife, your children, everyone you know. After reading these 9 crucial tips...
  5. firefly*21


    Bounce This Along 1. All this time you've just been putting Bounce in the dryer! It will Chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice. 2. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that Are sitting and it keeps mice from entering your vehicle. 3...
  6. firefly*21

    How many cats have you owned?

    This will be interesting....I wonder who has owned the most. Lets see! I have owned 12 that I can remember... Boomer Nuby Simba Lucky Kitten 1 Kitten 2 Kitten 3 Gizmo Luna Rocky Jasmane Blue Angel Baby How many have you owned? (you don't have to name them all)
  7. firefly*21

    Show pics of your Scottish Fold cats!

    I just love Scottish Fold kitties, but don't own one. So I want to see your Scottish fold kittie pics! as always...kittens are welcome
  8. firefly*21

    Nuby's Kittens!

    Pics are here! This is Gizmo....(the only one we have named so And this is my favorite kit! Here the other black with white tummy kit.... *i couldn't get a good enough close up pic of the other tortishell kit..he/she has a half white face* We looked in once and found them all...
  9. firefly*21

    How motivated are you?

    Okay, so I'm addicted to tests... How motivated are you? Take the test and find out! Click to take test This is what I got! Firefly, you are highly motivated and work actively towards your goals. During this test you answered questions which measured your motivational levels. Based on how...
  10. firefly*21

    My day at the game!

    I went to the Cardinals game today with my grandma and some people from church. We were playing the Cubs (rival team). It was a good game! I got pics for you all to see! Here is where we went in (they are still working on it). Check out the view I had! Game's about to start...
  11. firefly*21

    What are your top ten favorite animals?

    These are mine! 1. Snow Leopard\t<<<so beautiful! 2. Sand Cat 3. Arctic Fox 4. King Cheetah <<<if you have not seen one, Check it out! COOL! 5. Arctic Wolf 6. Sugar Glider 7. Day Gecko 8. Margay <<<adorable little cat 9. Polar Bear 10. Emerald Tree Boa What are yours?
  12. firefly*21

    *GAME: Numbers!

    Pick any number and then the next person compares the number to something they have, then they pick another number. Example: ME: 4 YOU: I have 4 cats, 7 Got it? I'll start......21
  13. firefly*21

    How many Kittens for Nuby?

    Okay, as some of you may know my girl Nuby is pregnant. So lets all take a guess at how many kittens she will have..... Me and my mom both think five.....what about you? Here is a pic from yesterday...
  14. firefly*21

    Newborn Kitten Thread!!

    Okay everyone.....lets see those newborn kitten pics!! I will have some once my Nuby gives birth. I wanna see yours!!!
  15. firefly*21

    Lucky all grown up..

    Lucky has grown up so quickly, it feels like just yesterday he was a little rescue kit. Here are a few new pics of him from today... He wanted petting here.
  16. firefly*21

    New Boomer Pics!!

    Hey everyone! I went to my mom's today and got new pics of everyone! Here are Boomers...... Look at his beautiful coat! Rolling over for attention. What? That's the spot! Enjoy!
  17. firefly*21

    Nuby is Pregnant!!

    I found out a few weeks ago from my mom that Nuby was pregnant!! Polydactly kittens are on the way!! I got a few new pics of her and her GIANT belly. We are thinking she will pop in a few weeks, so I will be sure and tell you all when it happens and get kit pics as soon as I can. Here is...
  18. firefly*21

    *GAME: First and Last (actors)

    Here are the rules: The first person to post will name an actor/actress. Then the next person will post an actor/actress that starts with the last letter of the previously posted actor/actress. I'll start.....Orlando Bloom
  19. firefly*21

    Name three foods you absolutely HATE!

    Mine are Pineapple, corn, and fish. They are sooo gross... *I can't even eat pineapple candy (and I LOVE candy)!
  20. firefly*21

    April 27th.....

    That's when I go in for my first dentist appointment I didn't think it would be so soon....oh, well. It's for the best right? I'll be sure and tell you all how it went and what's going on in my mouth. Send me some good vibes PLEASE!