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  1. sweetiecat3

    elloooooo anyone remember mee?

    just wonderin'? maybe not; its been 2yrs since i even checked the board, haha. at least 3 or 4 since i visited regularly. either way, its nice to see the site doing so well still. im sure there are plenty of new members who dont &plenty of users who dont get on here anymore, but i just...
  2. sweetiecat3

    Heyy! Who likes to draw/paint/Photoshop/whatever?? Post pics or tell us here!

    Personally, I lovvvve drawing, tho I'm not the best at it Here's some pics: some more.. *shrug* a tree fairy! lol.... bad-quality up-close of the hippie tree fairy lol.....
  3. sweetiecat3

    Computer Games at 2 in the Morning!

    So, just wondering, for us night-owls/computer addicts Are there any computer games that you play when you stay up late and you just keep playing cuz you're soooo soo bored and/or are multi-tasking (say, on TCS and petting your cat, too) until you're basically in a trance? I like Text Twist...
  4. sweetiecat3

    Favorite bands/singers/types of music??

    Just curious! I like alternative rock, some pop & hip-hop, mostly on the radio, though, and rock.... I guess that's it? Nickelback, Dashboard Confessional, Snow Patrol, AFI, a little bit of Green Day,... Ooh, yah, and I also like a little bit of country, too Like.. Carrie Underwood, Keith...
  5. sweetiecat3

    just came back! what are all these points and gifts... HELP?!

    i am very lost! last time i was here there were no points or gifts or bank or whatever all of this is! i am soo confused; wondering if anyone could please explain this new system to me and how it works?
  6. sweetiecat3


    hey i've been away from tcs for quite awhile, and i dunno if anyone remembers me, but i'm sorta back now! i couldn't stay away from this friendly helpful place forever just to introduce myself again, i'm patty, and i cats i have 2, one is the mother of the other,.... oh, yeah, and i have a...
  7. sweetiecat3

    - Cat Haiku -

    Clicky here
  8. sweetiecat3

    -Top Ten Signs that Your Cat has Hacked Your Internet Account-

    Not sure if this has been posted yet. I haven't seen it. Click ~HERE~ [EDIT: I meant Top Signs, not top 10 signs But whatever]
  9. sweetiecat3

    So...have there ever actually been any TCS meet-ups in the past??

    Just wondering. Everyone's been planning them for weeks and months on end but it seems like it's never happening? I did try doing a search.... I haven't been around this site forever, and if anyone could direct me to a thread or 2 about any successful TCS meet-ups of the past I'd love that!
  10. sweetiecat3

    Anyone know how to change a FILE TYPE?

    Well I've been using a free 30-day trial of Photofiltre-Studio, and any time I save an image I made on it it's a normal JPEG file, but then if I add a layer/update/change it after I saved it, it becomes a PFI file (a Photofiltre file type, I guess). SOOO I really need to know how to convert the...
  11. sweetiecat3

    Vietnam Traveling Wall - in my town!

    Out of all of New England, they've chosen my little town here to display the scaled-down replica of the Vietnam Wall (not sure exactly what it's called) It's a BIG event - lots of traffic on the town green. I couldn't find an article online on it that's free....sorry. I'll probably visit later...
  12. sweetiecat3

    Pet Peeves #37125

    Or something like that. I'd do that 1/2 fractions thing that Wyan always does but I don't know how Anyway, I know we've had a lot of topics like this, but I've never participated in one, PLUS we have a ton of new members (as usual) SOOOooooo what are your biggest pet peeves?? Mine: -When...
  13. sweetiecat3

    SPAY and NEUTER.

    It's that simple and it will save lives. I know there have been many posts like this before. I know TCS is all for this. I know many many people on here already have and also encouage it like I am. But it needs to be revived every now and then. I feel like I need to pass this video on and reach...
  14. sweetiecat3

    HI from *Ireland* !!!!!

    This is our last day here. Finally I've got Internet access. I only have 20 minutes, so more about the trip when I get back tomorrow But I'll tell ya I'm having a GREAT time, it's soooooooo beautiful here!!! Just dropped by to say hi and I've missed ya'll on TCS!! Haven't been able to call home...
  15. sweetiecat3

    New signature from Hope!!

    Thanks again, Hope! It's wonderful. She even got it done for me before my trip And she's been busy lately, too.... But still did it ! Isn't it great?! I'm just so excited I had to show it off and say thank-you to her.
  16. sweetiecat3

    To Ireland --- tomorrow!!!

    Yes I have very mixed feelings about this I can't wait to get there, it will be so much fun but gosh I'm still very nervous about the plane. What you guys have told me has helped and thanks, but I'm still really scared. I'm terrified of heights. & We leave tomorrow!! So I feel selfish and...
  17. sweetiecat3

    Have you ever logged out...?

    On purpose, since you joined? Just curious. I can't recall any time that I have. I know it logs you out automatically if you don't come on for a few days though but that doesn't count..... So ? Have you, or do you always, logged out & why? Privacy, worried about a certain someone who will come...
  18. sweetiecat3

    This is really fun ! You type in what you want it to say, set the settings, and click "Speak" and a computer says it, it's soooooo fun!! Maybe I'm just easily amused But let's hear yours!!!! (just type it in, click speak, then once it gets to the page where it's talking, copy/paste the URL)...
  19. sweetiecat3

    *GAME: The Person BELOW me...

    This is kind of like "The Person Above Me", which I've seen on other forums besides TCS. Except in this, you just kind of guess at what the next person to post might like. Then the next person just says whether it's true, maybe say something about it, then post "the person below me......" So it...
  20. sweetiecat3


    Is getting boring. It's overrated. Just being honest here. I've been kind of busy lately anyways. I don't have enough time for this nonsense. I mean I love the people here.... The environment is great. But it seems like every time I come on here there's nothing to do except talk about cats...