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  1. Cloverthekitty

    Bye , kitty lovers?

    I don't think cats are the right pet for me . I don't think i'd be able to give them what they need . Sorry for wasting all your time. Goodbye i guess? 😿😿
  2. Cloverthekitty

    My cat questions!

    I decided to put all my questions in one thread : Should my cat live inside or inside and outside ? What litter box should i use ? Which litter is best ? Which harness is best ? Sorry for all the questions !
  3. Cloverthekitty

    Harness or no harness ?

    Should i get my cat a harness or not ?
  4. Cloverthekitty

    Good litter boxes ?

    Does anyone know any good quality litter boxes off of amazon or other uk shipping websites ?
  5. Cloverthekitty

    What do i need for homecooked and raw cat food ?

    Hi , what do i need ? This is my list right now: Chicken liver . Beef. Pork Eggs . What else do i need ? I will not use chicken in my cats food . Unless its cooked .
  6. Cloverthekitty

    The right cat supplies ?

    These are the supplies i'm getting my cat : Food and water bowl , ceramic . Lots of difrent toys . Tunnels . Scratch post . Bed. Is this okay ?
  7. Cloverthekitty

    What should i feed my cat? ( i'm getting soon )

    Hello , i don't know whether to feed a homemade or store bought diet to my cat i'm getting soon. Which would be best ?