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  1. tml1991

    My FIV+ cat has stomatitis and needs extractions, how much does a full extraction typically cost in rural Kentucky?

    He is 3 and 1/2, a healthy weight, and recently neutered, by the way. Outside of this mouth issue, he's generally in good shape. None of the vets I call and ask are willing to give a general estimate.
  2. tml1991

    Getting cat's blood work for anesthesia tomorrow, will it pick up on any heart issues?

    I am getting my 3 year old FIV+ bloodwork tomorrow to see if anesthesia is safe for his neutering. Will it pick on any heart issues? Sometimes he breathes a little fast and excited, mainly when awake. His sleeping breathing patterns are normal. Are these indicative of heart issues in my cat? I...
  3. tml1991

    Cat gum disease and FIV

    Do badly receded gums and mouth ulcets mean a cat with FIV has progressed to the AIDS stage? My cat was diagnosed with FIV last year, with the reason being I brought him into the vet being that he had ulcers in his mouth. Recently, when I went to the vet, I was told his gums had been receding...
  4. tml1991

    LeeLee's Urinary Issues

    My 3 year old male cat has a UTI and crystals that need antibiotics. I have two in syringe form for him, but after the first time, he refuses to take them, as he now fears and hates the syringe. He also won't take them on food any more, either. He will eat otherwise, but once he thinks the food...
  5. tml1991

    3 year old FIV+ breathing fast, no other symptoms

    Over the last couple weeks, I have noticed my three year old FIV+ male cat, breathing faster than usual, mainly when he's awake. After he falls asleep comfortably, and 5-10 minutes go by, his breathing rate goes down. He isn't showing any other symptoms, and has a bigger appetite now than he has...
  6. tml1991

    Took cat to vet for through testing. Vets suspect he has FIV

    I took my 3 year old cat to the vet today, and was told he likely has FIV. Ulcers in his mouth, suspected to be caused by FIV were what was hurting his appetite, and making him feel uncomfortable. The vet also said he had a high fever too. I was given some nutrient rich soft food for him and an...
  7. tml1991

    Worried sick about my 3 year old cat

    My 3 year old cat has been ill for the last 5 or so days and it's got me worried profusely. His appetite is minimal, as his energy. He mostly just lays around in the same spot all day and barely does anything, and occasionally acts skittish and nervous from time to time. He has had a few bursts...
  8. tml1991

    Missing my Little Lion

    Last night, my beloved three and a half year old cat, Little Lion, died of wet FIP. Her sickness just happened suddenly, a few weeks ago. This time last month she was feeling fine, but by the end of the month she was gravely ill. As sad as losing her is, I am at least glad she's not punishing...
  9. tml1991

    Worried about my cat

    I am worried about my four year old housecat. Over the last day apparently ( I was gone and didn't notice this stuff myself until last night) my cat has been lethargic, breathed fast last night, but didn't make any panting noises, though, however, that seems to have subsided some now, and most...