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    OK DOn't Make Fun Of Me...But Am I Being Paranoid?

    Dear Vinceneilsgirl, I know alot about how you feel! Poor you, i'ts very obsessing, I feel the same way with my furry ones from time to time. In the winter, I can't even sleep cause I have visions in my head of them being frozen to death out there! But they are all trained to come in when...
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    Anybody Have Any Good Jokes?

    Hi, I'm not good at remembering jokes, but I like the short and sweet ones.(easy to remember) what did the snail say as it rode the turtles back? weeeeeee! hahaha h-cat
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    Does Anyone Here Do Crafts As A Hobby?

    Hello there, hootiecat here! I love to do jewelry crafts, I work with seed beads and glass or crystals. Austrian crystals are awesome. I also like to use wire and silver beads and precious stone beads, like tiger's eyes. I usually give what I create to my little girl, or to her cousins, and to...
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    Whats your favourite perfume?.

    Hello everybody, My faves are so many of them, I love skin musk, white shoulders, smells like sweetpeas flowers, my fave flowers scent, jasmine and rose, rain scent and chanel#5, and indian musk I love all musk oils. love's baby soft is wonderful too and navy.
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    Why did you give your kittie that name?

    Hi everyone' My computer has had tech difficulties, I dropped the tower and broke my modem so I'm using the libraries. Clarabelle, I love the name lefty o'brien, that is so funny! When I was little I had a black cat named kylie, and my dad named him kylie o rylie. he was a nice kitty. I had...
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    Why did you give your kittie that name?

    Dear Cilla, You are right I do have a bond with the kitties! I bond with all my pets seven to be exact, I place human traits onto them and everything, people don't understand sometimes the way animals do.Oh and by the way Hootie is a girl, she's very petite and fluffy and soft. Kisses is soft...
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    Why did you give your kittie that name?

    Hi Cilla, thanks for envisioning my little kisses and my little girl! It really was very sweet, my son found these two baby ones thrown away in an alley in a box, so he brought them to me. They were sooo tiny their eyes were barely opening and their ears were still all closey like. My daughter...
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    Say something positive about the poster ahead of you

    OOps I guess me and jugen posted at exactly the same time, Barb is a nice lady with pretty kitties!
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    Say something positive about the poster ahead of you

    Blondiecat or cathi seems to be a sweet and caring person with a great sense of humor! (and she owns cute pets!) sorry about nemo.
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    Why did you give your kittie that name?

    Hi, a quick history of my cats names,Kisses gave my daughter a kiss when she first picked her up, hence... Hootie looked like a baby snow owl chick to us, Tigger, looks like a tigger, orangey swirly striped one though, Bonesie was so skinny, now he's a nice healthy weight, and Inky is black...
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    So very infected

    HI Debby, Hope you feel better soon.It is so horrible to be that sick and then not even be understood or taken care of a little bit even. I know it's a drag. Have you tried to swallow chicken soup broth? It's warm and soothing and I thought I heard it has a chemical in it that's good for...
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    Am Needing Suggestions

    I don't know if this is something that you would consider doing, but it works for me sorta. I have 5 little rascals of my own, and hubby would complain if they were allowed to run about at night. So I have them their own kitty apartment complex, that is pet porters set up in a pile! I have a...
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    March Forum Contest Details here

    I didn't know if I was supposed to post here too, when I found the image. I found it yesterday and sent you an e-mail about it and also which programs for virus protection I'm using. Hootiecat
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    -~*~- please post your favourite poem -~*~-

    I lLOVE poetry! Besides the many most, beautiful things in the Bible, especially the book of psalms, I love Robert Frost..... Nothing Gold Can Stay Nature' first hue is gold, her hardest hue...
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    Cat haiku

    I love poetry, It's a wonderful form of expression. Haiku is easy to make up.I made up more, one for each of my cats. This is Bonesie's, I was lost, you took me in, shivering violently, now I'm warm. This one is Tigger's, Wer'e so tiny,On the road, crying loudly, you saved us. This is one for...
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    Guys..........Do you kiss your cat?

    Sure I do! But not with my mouth, I get thier cute little faces in my hand, and make thier noses touch mine, eskimo fashion! Let's rub noses, like the eskimoses, don't you know that's eskimo for I love you........!!!!!! hootiecat
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    Antibacterial Soaps - Not all that it's cracked up to be

    Tnis is the most important thing we can do towards good health, but did any of you know that there is a cheap inexpensive way to make your own sanitizing all over the house (except wooden furniture, walls, etc....) cleaner? All you need is an empty spray bottle, any kind will do, rinsed out...
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    March night sky: 5 planets visible!

    I love the sky it is soooo awesome! Did you know that our sun is a medium sized star? It is 96,000,000 million miles away from our earth, just the perfect distance to support life here on earth. Did you know that if we could travel at the speed of light that we could circle our earth 8 times in...
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    I need your help.

    There is one of these at I Love Cats .com, there is some cool ones there. I noticed I have the one and only Hootie, who was originally named Snowflake by my son but nicknamed Hootiecat by me and my other son, and well..... it stuck! Also my auntie used to have a pretty siamese named mox-nix...
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    Test for Dementia

    What a crack up, I lol, lol, lol, lol, alot! hootiecat