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    TCS Cookbook

    For some reason my recipe never made it into the cookbook and now I can't find it. It was on one of the threads for recipe entries. Today is my hubbies birthday and I need my cake recipe for him. Any ideas on how to find it? If it would have made it into the cookbook I could just pop in my...
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    Vet Visit

    Hi Dusty, I am glad you are here. I have a couple of questions for you. When should the kittens see a vet for the first time? Is there any special way to transport them, since weather could be a problem such as wind, rain, snow, temperature?
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    I would like to take some pictures of Lovey to post but she isn't cooperative with the camera like Ryelee is.
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    Fabric Chewing

    I have seen post's here about fabric chewing being caused by a dietary deficiency. What might be the deficiency that causes this? Lovey has a serious attraction to wool and if I leave wool socks where she can find them she eats holes in them.
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    Cranberry Sauce Question

    I am making my hubby some whole berry sauce because he loves it. Do you think it would be okay to go ahead and make it tonight? I won't be canning it so will it keep until Thursday? I think that the sugar will preserve it enough, but I would hate to give him food poisoning hehe. Thanks
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    Happy Life

    I don't know if I am the only one who feels this way, but my life feels so full and happy. I had cat's and dogs the whole time I was growing up because my Mom never said no to any stray I brought home. I left home at 18 and ended up in a bad situation ladalaaaadddaa da we won't go there, but in...
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    Drawer Kitty

    All I have in this drawer is one box of tea bags............and one Ryelee
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    I supplement my black labs diet with Jack Makeral. I know you aren't supposed to feed cat's tuna, but what about rinsed makeral? They go nuts when my pup gets hers.
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    Lovey Is Sick

    Since Lovey's spay on Friday she has been coughing. She is eating and drinking fine but her coughing has gotten worse. The vet said it is common after anesthesia but to bring her in this afternoon so they can get her on some antibiotics so she doesn't get pneumonia. Please send good vibes for...
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    The Flu

    I have been up all night, it is near 3am. My oldest son who is 9 has the dreaded Flu and I am afraid to go to bed for fear of him wakin up and not having his nurse hehe. I hate the flu it is so hard to see him this sick.
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    Cat Page ?

    Why can't I make a catpage? Is there a limit on how many people can make one? I would love to make each of my loves a page. Thanks
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    Kitties & Christmas

    Neither Ryelee or Lovey are cord chewers...........yet. I am worried about Christmas tree lights. With my pup I have been told to spray things with Bitter Apple spray to keep her from chewing on something dangerous, does the BA Spray work on cats too? Hehe I just had a memory come back to me...
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    Tidy Cat!

    OMG I have been using Fresh Step and I ended up with $1.00 off coupons for Tidy Cat so I bought some. It is very "perfumed" yuck, does the smell get mellower? Does it really help with Multiple Cat's because that is what I am looking for and Tidy Cat is a whole lot cheaper than what I was...
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    Need a Link

    I have a friend in MN that I wanted to give the link for the site with low cost and free spays listed by state. Anyone have it handy, thanks.
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    Lovey Is Getting Spayed Today

    I took Lovey to the vet this am and she will come home a spayed girl. Please pray for a speedy recovery. CARE is giving $25 toward the spay yipeee.
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    Pregnancy Question

    Okay well Lovey is going in on Friday to be spayed. If she would have been pregnant when I brought her in to our home on Oct. 21st would I be able to tell by now? I mean what symptoms would there be? Her nipples stick out further than Ryelee's and they are pink while Ryelee's are white. Her...
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    We Love Each Other

    Ryelee giving Lovey an ear wash. In bed together.........very first time.
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    Someone posted this on one of the graphic groups I belong to. I hope you haven't all seen it. It sure made me chuckle. The Parrot Wanda's dishwasher quit working so she called a repairman. Since she had to go to work the next day, she told the repairman, "I'll leave the key under the mat...
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    Too Late For Recipes??

    Is it too late to enter recipes for the cookbook? Thanks
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    Our Order Came

    Our order from Catnipetc came today. OMG I am having a blast watching Ryelee and Lovey take turns rolling on the box. I waited until they lost interest in the box and gave them each a pillow. Ryelee tried to eat hers and Lovey is having fun just rubbing on it and then rolling it with her paws...