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  1. MeekosMom

    My Young Cat Is A Bully!

    My Meeko is now 9 months old and he has taken to bullying my mom's cat who is older, smaller and more timid. He doesn't seem to want to hurt her -- I think he wants to play -- but Kitty LuLu is terrified of him and hisses, cowers and runs from him. They each have their own boxes, feeding...
  2. MeekosMom

    Fingers Mistaken For Treats

    My kitty is still young and when I offer him treats, he gets so enthusiastic about them, he bites my fingers. He’s not otherwise aggressive, but you would think he hadn’t eaten for days! He’s like a snapping turtle! :kneading: Any ideas on how to get him to take them more gently? Thanks!
  3. MeekosMom

    Hi! This Is Meeko!

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the site and I have a new kitty named Meeko. I have been a cat owner for a long time, though. My beloved Smoochie, who I had for 14 years was taken from me suddenly when she was afflicted with a saddle thrombus. I was heart broken! :( I had such a hole in my heart...