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  1. James&Taki

    How to litter train a cat (who has spent a year living outside)

    Is he simply not using the litter box? Or is he eliminating in other places rather than using the litter box? If he is not eliminating in unwanted places, I would assume he just hasn't needed to go while in your apartment yet. Though if he is eliminating in unwanted places while avoiding the...
  2. James&Taki

    Kitten with cone itching at neck (are collar allergies possible?)

    This thread is old but I wanted to update since I mentioned the collar they wear in this thread and I don't want anyone considering buying this collar to come across this and have concerns. Taki is not allergic to the collar, and their fur was not getting caught under the bolts (they are very...
  3. James&Taki

    Cat freaking out on walks - advice needed

    Thank you so much for responding, this is extremely helpful in understanding why Taki responded like they did. Taki is actually fully-grown; I am feeding wet food daily in addition to free-feeding dry food, as the vet wants to get Taki to a little higher weight, but it's unlikely they have...
  4. James&Taki

    I need some advice for my feral cats please!

    I'd like to see what other people have to say... But I think you should keep them for now and see how it goes. Two weeks is really not that long a time, and they might get more comfortable the longer they live with you. If one of them lets you touch them, that's already pretty amazing. Strong...
  5. James&Taki

    Cat freaking out on walks - advice needed

    Taki was born feral, switched to a house kitty at 2 months old. Taki's always loved the outdoors, so I've been working with them on harness/leash walking. Taki loves it and is usually pretty good about it - when we're out and I pick them up, they usually growl at me a little (they know that...
  6. James&Taki

    Coughing after a long play

    I don't think so - that's something you should bring up with your vet. Coughing in any context is as far as I know a red flag.
  7. James&Taki

    Exercise ball and cats???

    Old thread, but I'll say I've been having problems with Taki destroying my exercise balls. I use them as desk chairs. I used one for about a year before getting Taki, then after about 2 months with them, it got a tiny leak that prevented it from holding air. I bought another, and now it's been...
  8. James&Taki

    Any experience with spay/neuter tattoo

    I just re-read your post and saw that you said "he can't eat or drink by himself" which suggests you maybe have already been hand-feeding him, sorry for missing that!
  9. James&Taki

    Any experience with spay/neuter tattoo

    I don't have any advice for the tattoo, but if your cat is having trouble eating & drinking, maybe switch temporarily to taller cups? Taki had trouble eating/drinking from their normal bowls with the cone, so I put out some narrower, taller cups and made sure they were always topped off with...
  10. James&Taki

    Neighbors moved !

    We've fed many feral cats over the years - I recommend starting putting water out in a dish/bowl, doensn't have to be fancy, and if you can, get some cat food at some time. You can start on the front or back porch, depending on where you see them most. Dry food is typically less expensive than...
  11. James&Taki

    How Can We Soothe Our New Kitty?

    Have you heard of Feliway? I haven't had to try it, but I've heard good things about it. It diffuses something similar to cat pheremones, which makes cats feel more comfortable since they like to have a place that smells like them (though I don't think humans can smell it at all). Might be worth...
  12. James&Taki

    Kitten with cone itching at neck (are collar allergies possible?)

    Thank you! I'll try a metal-free one without a bolted personalized plate (I got it because I didn't want any hanging tags to bother them, but clearly they're bothered anyways!) and see whether or not they're okay with tags - we might end up at a middle ground where they wear the collar full-time...
  13. James&Taki

    Kitten with cone itching at neck (are collar allergies possible?)

    My kitten was spayed on 2/25 and has been recovering very well. They dealt with the cone a lot better than I expected them to, as all previous attempts at collar training resulted in them running around, itching their neck, and trying to bite the collar off until I finally got a hold of them and...
  14. James&Taki

    New cat not eating/drinking/using the litterbox, other concerning signs

    I would contact the rescue. Constipation is, as far as I know, generally only a significant concern in and of itself if it's been going on for more than 48 hours (though trouble peeing is more concerning if that's also an issue), and the eating/drinking might be normal for your cat (when I first...
  15. James&Taki

    Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here

    Thank you! For Okra & Floof, we're still talking it over with the neighbor that would foster them & connect with potential homes.
  16. James&Taki

    Friend of Ferals Award Badge - Apply Here

    When we moved into our current house about 6 years ago, there was a stray kitty around who was pregnant, so my mom fed and watered her to help her through the summer. Then she gave birth and left us with Khoshekh, Sam, Rosebud... there are more but they don't hang around much. We've fed and...
  17. James&Taki

    How do you keep your harness-walked kitty clean?

    Me and Taki have been working on harness training, and once they're done healing from being fixed, I'm going to start taking them out on a leash. But the harness-on/harness-off spot we've designated is my bed (I know this isn't ideal, but we have a very small space and this is what's worked for...
  18. James&Taki

    Question about cat feeding

    From what I know, healthy weights for cats can vary, especially depending on how the fat and muscle is distributed, and the best way to measure your cat's body condition is to feel along their spine and ribs. If the bones are sticking out to the point that you can feel the sides of the spine and...
  19. James&Taki

    Cat eating & pooping hair

    Oh that's brilliant! I'll try to set something like that up : )
  20. James&Taki

    Cat eating & pooping hair

    I don't think it's more than a healthy amount, I just have thick hair lol! I think I'll get it cut shorter (I'm due for a trim anyways) and see if that helps (shorter hair = less likely to trail?). I don't tend to use hair styling products, but maybe I could wear hats in the colder months to...