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    Question Of The Day - Wednesday, January 20th!

    The last count I had was about 75 -100+ pairs, some I will never wear, but, I really liked so I bought them anyway. Donated about 25 pair last summer, some that were out of style and some I had never worn. Yes, I do have a shoe fetish and continue to buy when I see a cute pair that I like and...
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    Filing for disability

    Surprisingly, I was approved on the first try, like others have said, make sure your medical records are up to date and the drs know that the paperwork is coming!! I have a friend that has been rejected 2 times, of course, she is appealing the decision, with the help of a disability lawyer.
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    Rosie, Sophie and Jack

    Those are great pictures, Susan, the captions were perfect!!
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    I got a gift from my SS!! - 2009 SS Gift Thread

    That's definately ok, I can't imagine any other cat getting into the treats. Again, thanks, Nancy, I am feeling somewhat better today!!
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    I got a gift from my SS!! - 2009 SS Gift Thread

    Thanks GoldyCat for the hint. Is my SS Cattybird?
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    I got a gift from my SS!! - 2009 SS Gift Thread

    So sorry for the delay, but I haven't been feeling well since way before Christmas. I opened my SS gift this morning. It was the most awesome gift, we loved everything we got. Ok, for the list of goodies included in the bag: First of all I received a beautiful Christmas card, 3 handpainted...
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    I got a gift from my SS!! - 2009 SS Gift Thread

    I have received mine, too. It still remains unopened!! All my cats have enjoyed the box, they have slept on it, scratched and sniffed it. But, no can do!! I am gonna try to hold off for a few more days!! If I Can!!
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    The Secret Santa Discussion Thread - 2009

    I have also received my gift, but it remains unopened!! The kits have played on, slept on and scratched and sniffed the top of it!! Gonna try to hold off alittle while longer!!
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    The Secret Santa Discussion Thread - 2009

    My package was shipped today, hope my recipient gets it soon!!
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    2010 Calendar is here!

    The calendar looks great, a job very well done. I can't wait until I can order mine!!
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    Camille - From Feral to Friendly

    She is such a pretty little girl, love those golden eyes. I love it when they chirble!!
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    The Secret Santa Discussion Thread - 2009

    And as long as it is delivered before the first of the year.
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    Happy Birthday King Milky!....=)

    Auntie Paula says, Happy Birthday to her favorite boy, King Milky!! (Now how old is he Rigel?)
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    I Have A Problem, Please Help!! (long post)

    Let me start out by saying that I have 4 cats inside. (2 males and 2 females) All 4 usually get along until recently. The 2 females (Abby and Sassy) have started having little spats which didn't normally amount to anything. UNTIL, day before yesterday Sassy was using the LB and Abby was waiting...
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    Horatio come back!...=)

    Oh, Horatio, you mischief lil boy, such a ball of fire!! Too cute!
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    Catulina Getting Relax....

    Aww, Rigel, Catulina is such a beautiful girl, she deserved that nap after all the bug chasing she did. that fluffy belly!!
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    Rosie, Sophie and Jack!

    Really good pictures of the kids, I always enjoy seeing them!! They look so comfy and cozy in their new bed. Looks like it is a big hit!
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    Sparkle <33

    Very cute pictures of sleepy kitty!!
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    Hot flashes ?????

    I, too am "one of the older ladies", that being said, I have had hot flashes and night sweats since I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 36. Now, 14 years later, it has progressively gotten worse. I use a cold compress and a fan at the foot of the bed. I nearly freeze dh out sometimes...
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    Vote for August 2009

    Great pictures everyone, this is gonna be a tough one!!