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  1. tx_kat

    Should we rehome? (long)

    Here's a brief history of the problem. We have 5 cats: Angel & Demon (littermates) are 4.5 years old, Gidget is 4 years old, and Casper & Abby (littermates) and 2.5 years old. All are former ferals from our backyard whom we rescued as kittens while TNRing all the neighborhood cats. Yes, all...
  2. tx_kat

    At my wits end... (peeing / spraying female)

    Our "problem child" is about to drive me insane!  I am sitting here writing this, smelling of cat urine because she just sprayed in my chair and I didn't notice it until after I sat down and my shirt was soaked. For over a month now, Gidget has been peeing and spraying (see thread) constantly...
  3. tx_kat

    Bach's Rescue Remedy

    Is the forumla for cats (and dogs) different from the one for humans?
  4. tx_kat

    Peeing / Spraying (vibes needed)

    Gidget (2.5 years old) is our "middle child", and she's a typical middle child.  Actually, she's somewhat of a bully. Angel and Demon were around 6 months old when we rescued Gidget, and Angel and Gidget have had dominance issues since ... but nothing bad - mainly just posturing.  One year ago...
  5. tx_kat

    Feeling guilty about returning him outside

    A couple of weeks ago, we noticed a small gray and white kitten was hanging around the feral colony at our church.  My husband noticed a large (1" x 2") abrasion on his back (it looks to me like he got caught in the fan belt of a car engine).  He was so friendly that we didn't have to "trap"...
  6. tx_kat

    Multiple behavior issues

    I think my poor Gidget is unhappy.  She's my two year old long-hair "princess".  She's my baby.  She's also developing some behavior issues. First, she doesn't like our two kittens.  They are nine months old and have been integrated with our three cats (including Gidget) for the past five...
  7. tx_kat

    Do you get ferals tested for FeLV / FIV?

    What do you do? (multiple answers allowed) We deal with a lot of feral cats and kittens in our neighborhood.  I'll admit that after reading THIS ARTICLE, we don't get them tested for FeLV (FIV isn't available at the low cost clinic we use) unless they are symptomatic or unless we plan to...
  8. tx_kat


    Our two 7-month old kittens are "scarfers".  We started letting them eat with our three adult cats, but the kittens would eat their food then move on to the adults' food.  We made sure the kittens had more food than the adults, but that didn't help the problem.  We fed them more times per day...
  9. tx_kat

    Needing TNR vibes

    You may remember my posts a couple of months ago about the feral cat we were thinking of relocating to our home (HERE).  Tuesday of this week, we decided to put a 6' x 12' chain link kennel in our backyard so that we would have somewhere to put the cats / kittens we want to relocate to our...
  10. tx_kat

    Ear tipping

    Just out of curiosity, which ear do you ferals/strays normally have tipped?  I know it shouldn't matter as long is one ear is tipped, but I thought tipping the left ear was standard.  One of the feral cats at our church seems to have its right ear tipped, and my husband said he saw another cat...
  11. tx_kat


    Do your cats run and hide when they hear the doorbell?  All of ours do (even the kittens), but they are all former ferals and are skittish about certain things.  Not that it's a bad thing.  At least I don't have to put on shoes and go outside to tell solicitors to 'go away'.
  12. tx_kat

    Nursing cat questions

    We found this little darling a couple of weeks ago by our church.  We initially thought it was a boy because most orange tabbies are male.  The following week, after getting daily water and almost daily food (we didn't put wet food out unless we actually saw her), the kitty was relaxed and we...
  13. tx_kat

    Relocating a feral?

    Has anyone success in relocateing a feral cat before? We have 6 ferals who frequent our little corner of the world.  This morning at church, I saw a very friendly, pathetically thin, young-looking orange feral cat.  There was a second, much healthier-looking brown tabby cat who has apparently...
  14. tx_kat

    Furminator vs Shedzilla

    I've read so many singing the praises of the Furminator on here, but I'm wondering how it compares to the Shedzilla and similar de-shedding tools.  I bought a Shedzilla a year ago for our long haired girl, Gidget.  I've since seen pictures of how much fur people got off of their animals using...
  15. tx_kat

    Flea Control

    Of the three "major brands" (Advantage, Frontline, Revolution), which topical flea controller do you like best?  Why?
  16. tx_kat

    kittens rushing the door

    We kept two of the kittens from the litter we rescued a couple of months ago.  They are only 13 weeks old now.  They stay in our guest room, separated from our adult cats.  When we had 5 kittens, we started with just the door closed, but all the kittens would rush the door when we opened it.  We...
  17. tx_kat

    Kittens with soft poops

    We found our kittens, Abby and Casper, and their three litter mates on our neighbor's roof seven weeks ago when they were about six weeks old. They have been dewormed twice, are up to date on shots, and have been fixed already. They have grown like weeds, eat well, drink lots, and wear us out...
  18. tx_kat

    Integrating kitten(s)

    We have two 3-month old kittens left from the feral litter we caught a month ago.  My husband wants to definitely keep one of the kittens (Casper), and he wants to possibly keep the other kitten (Abby).  We currently keep the the kittens in their own room, with baby gates stacked across the...
  19. tx_kat

    "Meaty" grain-free wet food

    I didn't want to hijack another thread about wet food, so ... I want to transition our cats from dry to wet (and maybe eventually to raw).  I have fed them various Friskies varieties since we've had them, and they seem to like the "filets", "bits" and "shreds".  They won't touch "pate". ...
  20. tx_kat

    sitting on another cat's head

    Does anyone else have a cat that will sit on another cat's head?  Sometimes when our boy cat is laying on the floor, one of our girl cats will come up and sit down on his face.  Of course, he gets mad, jumps up and chases after her.  Could this just be her way of provoking him to play chase...