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  1. James&Taki

    Cat freaking out on walks - advice needed

    Taki was born feral, switched to a house kitty at 2 months old. Taki's always loved the outdoors, so I've been working with them on harness/leash walking. Taki loves it and is usually pretty good about it - when we're out and I pick them up, they usually growl at me a little (they know that...
  2. James&Taki

    Kitten with cone itching at neck (are collar allergies possible?)

    My kitten was spayed on 2/25 and has been recovering very well. They dealt with the cone a lot better than I expected them to, as all previous attempts at collar training resulted in them running around, itching their neck, and trying to bite the collar off until I finally got a hold of them and...
  3. James&Taki

    How do you keep your harness-walked kitty clean?

    Me and Taki have been working on harness training, and once they're done healing from being fixed, I'm going to start taking them out on a leash. But the harness-on/harness-off spot we've designated is my bed (I know this isn't ideal, but we have a very small space and this is what's worked for...
  4. James&Taki

    Cat eating & pooping hair

    My kitten likes to play with my hair - on rare occassions they will bat at the hair on my head, but the vast majority of their hair-eating is with hair that's on the floor (I tend to shed a lot). I don't think it's pica, I think it's more likely a situation where they just think it's fun to play...
  5. James&Taki

    Should I start harness training my kitten now or wait until they're fixed?

    Hi everyone! I have a new kitten (Taki!); they're roughly 4 months old, fully vaccinated (except for leukimea, which will be given on the day of their fixing), and formerly feral. They're also a total door-dasher*, even though I've been consistently giving them 1/2 a treat every time I come in...