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  1. catloverin_ks

    the effects of a cat bite?

    Ok, the other night one of my cats decided to bite me, he actually got his tooth hooked in my arm! Well now 3 days later, it looks ok but it is very like knotted... I really dont know much about being bitten I guess I guess I am wondering, how bad can it be?
  2. catloverin_ks

    my new pet

    I have adopted a blue and gold macaw She is such a awesome creature. Bless her heart though, she has been through so much. The woman I got her from got her from a man who kept her in an abandoned house, and went by like once a week to feed her And the people HE got her from, they locked her...
  3. catloverin_ks

    sweet,old girl(himalayan) needs a home

    Awwww!! I wish I wouldn't of seen this ad. It breaks my heart. Is there anyone out there that can help? ---We have a 2 tone brown, long hair, Himalayan that needs a very kind sole to rescue her from a life of solitude. She has reached that stage in life where she is tired of kids, dogs, and...
  4. catloverin_ks

    freaky accident.

    Hey guys...I am not on here much anymore, but I do lurk. I was just needing some prayers for my neighbors family.... Last night my neighbor was riding his lawnmower home, and he got ran over The very weird thing is, his grandson is the one that hit him. This family is going to need ALOT of...
  5. catloverin_ks


    My "mama" cat as I have been calling her, had 5 widdle babies today She is one of the feral cats I feed. She had them under my porch in a cat carrier I had sitting under there, but I moved them to the garage to be safe. She is doing wonderful with them When I get a chance to use my moms...
  6. catloverin_ks

    Pumpkin had to try it out

    Silly boy-my daughter got this doll play pen for her birthday and well, you see who gets to try it out!
  7. catloverin_ks

    mystery fireball

    Did anyone in Texas happen to see this?? What do you believe it is?? Kinda odd....
  8. catloverin_ks

    prayers needed please

    DH aunt suffered a heart attack last night... She got life flighted out about 1am, and they have put in a stint.. I will keep you all updated as I find out more.
  9. catloverin_ks

    what was i thinking..........

    LOL-my daughter turned 5 on Wednesday and she wanted some friends to sleepover tonight-and wow.....she ended up having 4 little girls.... NEVER again!!! I don't think they are ever going to wind down!
  10. catloverin_ks

    father at age 13

    Wow-just wow is all I can say...and he only looks 7 or 8... The baby is adorable though
  11. catloverin_ks

    Taffy is missing..

    And I am dying with out him He went out Saturday and I have not seen him since...I am beside myself..... Here is a picture of my baby boy Please can I get some vibes that he comes back to me soon??
  12. catloverin_ks

    Ordering from Schwans

    Does anyone here order from Schwans? I used to think they were too costly but with the way prices are going up in the stores, they really arent too bad... I the cream cheese pretzels!! They are so addictive!!
  13. catloverin_ks

    The weather outside is...

    AWESOME!! It feels like spring! Anyone else having this weather??
  14. catloverin_ks

    pain in my head

    Yes-all day off and on I get this stabbing pain on the left side of my head.. What in the world is it? I am getting kinda worried
  15. catloverin_ks

    the IMPOSSIBLE quiz

    This is hard!! See if anyone here can beat it WARNING-may get overly frustrated!! I make it to like 21 and get stuck....
  16. catloverin_ks

    heart warming story for Kujo

    This is such a happy ending! Bless their sweet little hearts for rescuing Kujo!
  17. catloverin_ks

    how sad!!

    This is just awful!!! Why did they have to kill the kids?? They could of left them with a relative?
  18. catloverin_ks

    very disturbing dream

    I had a dream last night, that is still bothering me... I dreamed that I was visiting my hometown and as we were downtown there was a old house, where a dead kitty lay in the street...well then apparently the next day we drove by there and(this is where it gets disturbing) this time in a tree...
  19. catloverin_ks

    a sad little bird story

    I thought this was a sad little story. I teared up after reading this: poor little bird, he was trying to help his wife may she RIP
  20. catloverin_ks

    Duke(dixie_darlin) cat is missing - He's home

    Alycia (dixie_darlin) asked me to post this about her cat, Duke, who got out this morning and hasnt came home They moved over the weekend so he is not used to his whereabouts yet.. please send a vibe so Duke can be found soon!!