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  1. lunariris

    Need Advice Please On Pericarditis...And Possible Intestinal Bleed (I've been seeing the vet already

    Ok. So, I've been taking my cat to the vet for my concerns the last few weeks, but, I feel like they are missing something. Bare with me, please, it's long.   A little background on my boy: I have an 11-year-old, I've had since he was 4 weeks old, found on the side of the road, who's generally...
  2. lunariris

    Hyperthyroidism if Cats? I need help with treatment options.

    Has anyone ever treated their hyperthyroid petor know anyone who has with radioactive iodine treatment? They say the anti-thyroid drugs are for life and eventually it is likely to become cancerous anyway if it isn't now (our ~10 year old cat was just diagnosed yesterday, along with a slightly...
  3. lunariris

    Dental Issues in Cats

    Is it uncommon for cats over age 10 to have issues with their teeth or have teeth that need to be removed? I've heard that around 80% of all cats have some form of gingivitis by age 5, and that you should brush your cat's teeth. Yet this is a new concept and wasn't even an option a decade ago...
  4. lunariris

    Cats and Ages VS Diet and Vaccines

    Hello everyone.  Most of us know indoor cats, spayed or neutered, live an average of 15-20 years, and outdoor or indoor-outdoor generally only up to 5 years, but can live much much longer. However, it's not clear how long they live compared to their diet and vaccine schedule. Everyone says one...
  5. lunariris

    Cat Dental Dilemmas

    We have 9 cats, aged ~8 years old to ~12 years old. We feed both wet and dry food. I do know dry food is worse for urinary issues, wet is preferred for hydration and nutrients. I do wonder however, if dry is better for teeth. We feed both (Purina ONE Chicken and Rice dry, and Friskies wet), but...
  6. lunariris

    Hello from me and my 9 kids :)

    I love seeing everyone's kitties and shared experiences. It's a really nice place to just chat and get helpful advice. We have 9 kitties ranging from ages 7-11 lol. A collage of the kids. :) (The one on the bottom left has been missing since Halloween 2005 in case anyone's wondering why...